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Student Employment Eligibility Guidelines
Student Employment Eligibility Guidelines

In order to be considered for on-campus student employment, students must apply online and meet certain eligibility guidelines outlined below:


  • ALL student employees must maintain satisfactory academic progress of an overall 2.0 GPA or better with Collin College.  Some positions may require a higher GPA.



  • Student employees, including Federal Work Study (FWS), must remain enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the semester in which they have a student employment work assignment. 
    • Exception: Student Assistants (non-FWS) in their graduating semester may be eligible if they need less than 6 credits to graduate
  • Federal Work Study students must remain enrolled in at least 6 credit hours. Exceptions to the 6 credit hour minimum are not allowed for FWS students.
  • International Students must remain enrolled in 12 hours, unless it is the student's graduating semester or approval is obtained from the International Student Office.
  • Student Assistants and Federal Work Study Students enrolled in less than 6 credit hours (based on the exceptions above) will be subject to Medicare and a part-time employment retirement plan.
  • The enrollment status for student workers will be monitored throughout the semester to ensure continued eligibility for employment.


Summer Student Employee Guidelines Chart

  • Returning Student Assistants who worked during Spring Semester are allowed to continue to work in Maymester and/or Summer semesters without enrolling in 6 credit hours.  However, they must be classified as temporary part-time non-students and taxed accordingly.  In order to be eligible for a work assignment in the fall, they must again be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at Collin College.
  • All Federal Work Study Students and new Student Assistants must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the summer to be eligible for a student employment work assignment. 
  • Acceptable combinations of 6 summer hours include:
    • 6 hours in Summer III, or
    • 6 hours in Summer I AND 6 hours in Summer II, or
    • 3 hours in Summer III, plus 3 hours in BOTH Summer I AND Summer II


  • Federal Work Study (FWS) students are paid through a financial aid award.  Students must apply and qualify for FWS in order to be eligible for FWS employment
  • Before a FWS job offer may be extended, final FWS award authorization from the Financial Aid office is required.
  • FWS students are awarded a specific amount of funds for which they are eligible to earn through FWS employment.
  • FWS employment ends when the amount awarded for the semester has been earned.  Supervisors and students are responsible for closely monitoring hours worked and remaining award amount.  Hours worked beyond award amount will be paid out of the supervisor's departmental budget.
  • Students who have been awarded FWS through the Financial Aid Office may apply online for any FWS or Student Assistant positions.
  • Students who have been awarded FWS funds, but accept a Student Assistant (non-FWS) position should notify Financial Aid.
  • For more information about applying for Federal Work Study, contact the Financial Aid Office