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Onboarding Checklist
On-Boarding Checklist for Supervisors

Before the Employee Arrives…

Notify everyone in your unit that a new person is starting and what the person’s job will entail. If possible, identify a buddy for the first week to help the employee get settled.

  • Complete hiring process in CougarHR
  • Complete the IT checklist to ensure the employee is set up for payroll and has the necessary computer access (CWID, GW account, etc.) The IT Checklist submission form will be sent to you via email.
  • Determine and set up work space, ensuring the employee has the needed furniture, equipment and supplies
  • Complete paperwork to provide required information for the employee to get keys

First day on the job….

  • A new employee may be anxious about starting a new job. Try to create a comfortable environment and remember not to overwhelm the employee.
  • Send new employee to Orientation for:
    • Benefits Overview
    • Campus structure
  • Give a warm welcome and discuss the plan for the first day
  • Tour the employee’s assigned work space
  • Explain where the restrooms, vending machines, and break areas are located
  • Tour the building and immediate area and introduce the new employee to other staff members
  • Introduce the new employee to the buddy (if appropriate)
  • Review job description
  • Review the department’s organizational chart and explain its relationship to campus
  • Review your department specific policies and procedures including:
    •  Working hours
    •  Telephone, email, and Internet use
    •  Office attire
    •  Office organization (files, supplies, etc)
    •  Office resources (directories, relevant manuals, staff listing, SOP’s)
    •  Regularly scheduled meetings
    •  Customer service philosophy
    •  Confidentiality
    •  Ethics

First week on the job…

  • Review employee work area to ensure needed equipment is in place
  • Schedule meetings with appropriate department team members to :
    • Explain timesheets and pay dates
    • Review vacation/sick/personal leave policies
    • Obtain Collin College Employee ID (CWID)
  • Have appropriate office personnel review:
    • After hours and weekend office access
    • Listing of account numbers/cost centers (if appropriate)
    • Travel and reimbursement
    • Campus Mail services
    • Office Supplies
    • Copy Machine and Fax Use
    • Office Safety Issues
  • Review computer competency
    • Overview of policies/procedures, including confidentiality and privacy issues
    • Assessment of knowledge of and comfort  with department hardware/software
    • File Servers
    • Email, Internet
    • Arrange further training and support as needed
  • Arrange training appropriate for employee’s role
    • FERPA – if employee will access student record information
    • Banner  Training
    • Business Office Procedures

First month on the job…

  • Be sure employee has completed the necessary online EEO training
  • Check to be sure employee has signed up for benefits prior to enrollment deadline.

During the first three months (Probationary Review)…

  • Meet with employee to review:
    • Job description
    • Performance standards/expectations
    • Work rules
  • Ask the employee how you can help them do their job better or more efficiently (more training, office supplies, etc.) This sets the tone for ongoing feedback in both directions.
  • Complete the performance appraisals prior to the expiration of the probation period
  • If performance issues arise during the probationary period please contact your HR consultant to discuss.


A significant investment of your time during this first 3 month period can pay huge dividends in the performance and overall success of this employee with Collin College.