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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that governs employee work hours and time reporting requirements.  Each position at Collin College is classified as “exempt” OR “non-exempt” in accordance with FLSA guidelines. 
  • Non-exempt employees shall be compensated on an hourly basis for all hours worked each week and shall be compensated for overtime in accordance with federal regulations and the College District's compensation plan. 
  • All employees in FLSA non-exempt positions must complete a Collin College Time Sheet daily and record all hours worked on each day by clocking in and out of the college's electronic time clock system.
  • Employees are responsible for accurately reporting all hours worked and supervisors must certify that the time sheet is a true and accurate record of actual times and hours worked.
  • The supervisor of an FLSA non-exempt employee must closely monitor the employee's work hours and leave and ensure that all time is accurately reported.
  • No Collin College employee has the authority to require or suggest that an employee falsify a time sheet.
  • Non-exempt employees shall be compensated through compensatory time off "comp time" or direct pay for the additional hours worked beyond 40 in a workweek, at a rate of time and one-half the employee's normal pay rate. 
  • Employees may not earn and take compensatory time within the same workweek.  Adjusted scheduled shall be documented by the employee and approved in advance by the appropriate supervisor. 
  • FLSA non-exempt employees may not volunteer to work at Collin College in a position similar to their current position, whether of their own volition or if requested by another employee. Requests for an FLSA non-exempt employee to perform volunteer work must be approved in advance in writing. Forward requests for approval to Human Resources at Collin Higher Education Center.
  • Employees and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that daily, weekly, and monthly totals are accurate, and that all leave time is accurately reported.
  • Electronic time sheets must be complete and approved by the supervisor in accordance with the published Payroll deadline schedule, which is available on the Business Office intranet site.


  • FLSA exempt employees are held accountable for accomplishing the responsibilities of their positions and salary is not based on the specific number of hours worked.
  • Administrators and other full-time employees in positions identified as exempt from overtime provisions of the FLSA are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Holidays are considered as hours worked. 
  • Specific hours worked by FLSA exempt employees do not need to be documented on a time sheet; however, absences of a half-day or more must be documented in the college's electronic time clock system in four (4) or eight (8) hour increments.
  • FLSA exempt employees are not entitled to wages or compensatory time for hours worked over 40 each workweek.
  • Each supervisor of an FLSA exempt employee is responsible for evaluating performance. If work hours are being abused and/or the employee is not completing job accountabilities, disciplinary action may be initiated through Collin College policy.
  • FLSA exempt teaching faculty must document leave time in the college's electronic time clock system in accordance with the college's Faculty Absence Procedures, EVEN WHEN A CLASS IS COVERED BY SOMEONE ELSE.
  • Additional information regarding overtime, professional travel, and time sheets is available on the Collin College Human Resources website.