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Collin Employee Scholars Program


The Collin Employee Scholars Program provides reimbursement of up $7,500 per year for tuition and required fees for up to ten (10) full-time Collin College employees to pursue job-related graduate degrees from regionally accredited state or other non-profit institutions of higher education.  The purpose of this program is to expand the employees’ knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in accomplishing their role at Collin College.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Employed by Collin College as a full-time employee
  • A minimum of one year regular, full-time service with the college
  • In good standing with no documented disciplinary action filed with human resources during the period of one year prior to scholarship application
  • Acceptance into a regionally accredited state institution of higher education graduate degree program in administration, an academic field of study, or other job-related field*

*The applicant must describe how the selected degree field is related to their current position and how it will benefit his/her performance and contributions.  This is a factor that will be considered by the Selection Committee.

Scholarship Selection Process:

All applicants for the Collin Employee Scholarship Program are evaluated by the Selection Committee (which is appointed by the District President from the Committee of the Whole), using the following criteria:

  • length of service with Collin College,
  • grade point average in most recent degree program,
  • reason(s) for wanting to obtain a graduate degree,
  • applicability of the graduate degree to his/her current position**,
  • engagement at Collin,
  • service to Collin beyond the scope of current position, and
  • organizational needs within the college.

**Note:  If an employee is seeking a graduate degree in hopes of a prospective assignment at Collin, this should be noted and described in the application. Preference is given to employees seeking to improve effectiveness in the current position.

Employment Training Agreement:

To participate in the Collin Employee Scholarship Program, employees must sign an Employment Training Agreement and agree that if he/she voluntarily leaves full-time employment within the period of the agreement, the employee will fund an annual scholarship to the Collin County Community College District Foundation, Inc. equal to 25% of the scholarship received to date.  

Continuation of the Scholarship:

Collin Employee Scholars Program scholarship recipients must re-apply every year for the scholarship, noting progress made towards their degree during the previous year. Progress is defined as successfully completing (with a B or higher) three (3) or more courses per academic year (September through August.)  Scholarships may be renewed for two additional years toward completion of the graduate degree through this scholarship program. A request to continue may be considered if scholarships are available.

To be considered for scholarship renewal, the employee must complete the re-application form in accordance with the applicable time line and submit the form for signatures to the appropriate Vice President and Executive Vice President.  Approved applications are then forwarded, along with a copy of the most recent transcript that shows substantive progress toward completion of the degree, to Human Resources/Professional Development.