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Application for Credentials Reimbursement Guidelines & Instructions

To support faculty and staff in obtaining and maintaining certifications, licensures, and training directly related to their current employment, Collin College will reimburse faculty and staff as stipulated below.


Permanent full-time faculty and full-time staff may request, after three months of eligible employment, reimbursement of costs associated with credentialing directly related to their current employment.

NOTE: An employee whose salary is 100% paid from a grant or contract is not eligible unless the cost is covered under the grant.  An employee currently on a level II discipline notice and/or on a performance improvement plan (PIP) is not eligible unless the training will address the identified deficiency and is approved by the supervisor and a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Eligible Costs

  • Approved expenses for certification, licensure, renewals, and training that are directly related to current employment may be reimbursed.
  • Additional certifications, licensures and/or training may be required for a program in which the College participates or for new program development. These expenses will be reimbursed only for faculty and staff of whom the credentials are required to participate in such programs.
  • Travel costs to obtain/renew certifications/licensures/training may be reimbursed through the travel reimbursement process (Concur). Faculty will not receive additional COE funding for travel to obtain/update certifications/licensures and training required for credentialing if using the Reimbursement of Credential Cost procedure.

Application Procedures

To receive reimbursement, approval must be obtained from the appropriate supervisor, dean and/or Executive Leadership Team member prior to beginning work to obtain the credential(s)/training. Sections A and B of the Credential Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted for review and approval.

After the Executive Leadership Team member signs the document, it will be returned to the employee, who will then be responsible for initiating registration or beginning work for the credentials/training.

Within 60 days after obtaining the credential(s)/training, submit a copy of the credentials/training completion documentation to the appropriate supervisor. Reimbursement is made after the Business Office receives all documentation and the completed reimbursement form with appropriate signatures. Reimbursement requests submitted without the appropriate advanced approvals will not be processed, and the employee will not be reimbursed for the costs. Completed forms should be submitted to Justina Conley ( in Human Resources. 

FACULTY: Maintenance of certifications/licensures/training for credentialing purposes is considered professional development and should be identified in annual appraisals and Board reports.