Professional Development

The Office of Human Resources and Organizational Development provides district-wide professional development programs, primarily for staff and administrators, and coordinates special events involving college staff as well as outside community organizations.

Contact this department if you need:

  • Job-related training
  • Training for your department
  • If you have ideas for workshops that would be of interest for a large segment of the college district

Professional Development Guidelines for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty and Staff Guidelines Specific to Full-time Faculty and Staff:

  • Eligible after 90 day probationary period.
  • Professional Development courses must be related to current job.
  • Any class listed in CE schedule is eligible if approved by your supervisor as work related. All CE Distance Learning classes are eligible, if approved by your supervisor as work related.
  • A maximum of three CE courses may be taken each semester.  If more courses are needed, the employee's Vice President or Provost may approve by signing the registration form or emailing approval to Gen Northup.
  • Books required for any course are to be paid for by the employee's department. Textbook Charge Form

Attending Continuing Education Classes:
If space becomes limited in a Continuing Education class, priority enrollments in the class are as follows:

  • Paying community members are given the highest priority;
  • Full-time college employees are placed next, followed by
  • Part-time college employees.

If critical training is required for a part-time employee working less than 15 hours per week, the appropriate vice president or provost may approve the training.

If you are interested in any of the courses offered in the Continuing Education schedule of classes, please complete a Professional Development Continuing Education Registration Form and submit it to Gen Northup in Human Resources, Professional Development, at the Collin Higher Education Center.

Employee is responsible for obtaining the instructor's signature and returning the signed Confirmation of Attendance to Human Resources within 3 days of last class day.  Confirmation of Attendance Form

Attending Ed2Go Classes:
Tuition for online classes (Ed2Go) is required to be paid through employee department’s budget.