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Leadership Team
Leadership Team

Neil Matkin, Ed.D., District President, 972.758.3800

Brenda Kihl, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, 972.758.3809

Kim Davison, Senior Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness, 972.985.3781

Samantha Dean, All College Council Chair, 972.985.3752

Thomas R. Delamater, Chief Public Relations Officer, 972.599.3144

Jon Hardesty, Ph.D., Vice President/Provost of Central Park Campus, 972.548.6800

Nick Morgan, Faculty Council President*, 972.377.1663

Abe Johnson, Ed.D., Vice President/Provost of Preston Ridge Campus, 972.377.1550

Dominic Carty, President of Student Government Association

Kenneth Lynn, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, 972.758.3831

Mary McRae, Ph.D., Vice President/Provost of Spring Creek Campus, 972.881.5770

Sherry Schumann, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Academic, Workforce, and Enrollment Services, 972.758.3880

Lisa R. Vasquez, Vice President of Advancement, 972.758.3894

*The current president of the Faculty Council also serves as a member of the Leadership Team each year.

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