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In The Air Tonight: Alumni Takes Flight
Alumna Takes Flight
Collin College Theatre Alumna, Elizabeth Judd
Alumnus Brian J. Smith (see part 1) might steal the show, but Elizabeth Judd literally soars through the air in her On-Broadway performance. Judd and Smith are two of four Collin College alumni who are currently rubbing elbows with the stars as well as performing for them night after night on the most sought after stages in America.

I Believe I Can Fly

Elizabeth Judd says when she is part of the ensemble flying out over the audience in “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” people describe the scene as beautiful.

“It was awesome and scary at first. We are hooked on safety lines and holding ourselves up. It is cool to be able to do that at your job every day.”

Judd is also the understudy for Mary Jane. She was one of 20 girls who sang and danced at the audition.

“It was pretty awesome. It changed my whole life in a couple of days. I went on for the first time on Sunday as Mary Jane. It was the happiest day of my life. My whole family was there to see it. It’s incredible to be on Broadway getting to do what you love,” Judd said.

When Judd was 10 years old, she saw “Phantom of the Opera” and was hooked. She says she began taking voice lessons because her mother could not get her to be quiet. Judd claims she learned dedication and a positive attitude at Collin.

“All the Collin professors were so incredible to me. They gave me the tools I needed to keep going. Over and above the awesome technical training, they were always helping and encouraging me. That is irreplaceable.”

Judd loves performing for the children who give themselves over completely to the world of imagination.

“Tyra Banks came to the show yesterday. Mary Louise Parker and Bono came the other day. Celebrities come and they bring their kids. I’ve learned so much so quickly in this show. It is human nature to put limits on yourself, but I have learned to show that I am not terrified and just go full throttle for it.”

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