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Collin College Funding Signer of Texas Campus Compact

CCCCD Is Founding Signer of Texas Campus Compact

Cary A. Israel, president of Collin CCollege, signed the Texas Campus Compact on Oct. 4 in Austin, making CCCCD a founding member of the alliance of college and university presidents who will work to increase civic involvement and engagement on their campuses.

Campus Compact is a nationwide coalition of college and university presidents committed to helping students develop the values and skills of citizenship through participation in public and community service. It is the only national higher education organization whose primary purpose is to support campus-based public and community service.

Participating presidents believe that by creating a supportive campus environment for the engagement in community service, colleges and universities can best prepare their students to be active, committed and informed citizens and leaders of their communities. Members also stress the importance of civic responsibility, such as exercising one’s right to vote.

Also attending the signing ceremony from Collin College were Board Chairman Sam Roach of Frisco, Dean of Social Sciences, Health and Public Service Gary Hodge and Coordinator of Service Learning Regina Hughes. Gen. Colin Powell, a strong supporter of education, was a guest at the ceremony at the University of Texas Club. With the signing, Texas became the 22nd state-based Campus Compact. President Israel has been instrumental in the formation of the Texas compact and was named to the steering committee that will launch it. That committee will meet again in Austin on Nov. 28 to finalize developmental details.

A statewide exploratory meeting was held at SCC on Aug. 11 and made a strong contribution to the formation of the compact. Hughes attended a three-day conference on "Developing the Campus Compact" in October in Rhode Island, site of the national compact center. She will represent Collin College in efforts to develop the compact’s structure and mission.

To fulfill their mission, state campus compacts create supportive academic environments for community service by promoting service learning. The national organization in 1999 awarded Collin College its 2000 Service Learning Collaboration Award.

Through service learning and related activities, students at member campuses spend more than 22 million hours participating in community service each year. Campus compacts also assist in federal and national legislation promoting public and community service; form partnerships with business, community and government leaders; award grants to member schools and state affiliates, and provide funding and awards for outstanding service work.

Campus Compact was founded in 1985 by the presidents of Brown, Georgetown and Stanford universities, and the president of the Education Commission of the States. Thirteen years later, with its national office located in Providence, R.I., and network offices in 23 states, Campus Compact has a rapidly growing membership of 620 public and private two- and four-year colleges and universities, located in 41 states and the District of Columbia.

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