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Collin College Dance Company Receives Accolades

CCCCD Dance Company Receives Double Accolades

Collin College's  Dance Repertory took two national top honors at the American College Dance Festival Association, March 7 - 11 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. For the third time in four years, Collin College is the only community college to be honored by the three-judge panel with an invitation to perform at the Saturday night Gala Concert. The judges select only ten dances to perform at the Gala Concert, and Collin College was the only institution to have both dances selected for the Gala Performance.

This four-day festival promotes dance education, choreography, and performance. Two- and four-year institutions that offer undergraduate degrees in dance primarily attend this festival. Collin College is the only community college fully participating in all areas of the festival. Dance teams compete in adjudicated concerts, judged by those well-known in the dance community. This year, 20 schools performed in the formal concerts. Collin College dancers performed one faculty choreographed piece and one student choreographed piece.

The faculty choreographed piece, Dunes, was performed by Kelley Bowman, Lindsay Burns, Danielle Cooper, Ashley Crowell, Jamie Foster, Ashley Jarrell, Lauren Grimm, Kelli Muck, Melanie Parker, Mark Sanchez, Melissa Thompson, Edie Weiblen and Lissa Wooten. (The 14th student, Jessica McGinnis, had dislocated her knee cap the week prior to the festival and could not perform in the work. The choreography was "re-worked" without her two days before the festival. She was able to attend the festival and assisted with the technical aspects of the dance.) The second work selected from Collin College for the Gala Performance was a student choreographed work, String of Pearls. This work was choreographed by Kelley Bowman and performed by: Lindsay Burns, Kelli Muck, Melissa Thompson, and Lissa Wooten.

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