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Professor To Visit Cambridge

Professor To Visit Cambridge

September 20, 2001 - Dr. Chris Grooms, Professor of English at Collin County Community College, has been invited by the University of Cambridge, in England, to become an honorary research associate during the fall 2001 semester. During his time with the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, Dr. Grooms expects to be polishing his Welsh-language Internet site and putting the Cambridge graduate students to work on literature tutorials. He also hopes to develop flash animations for the on-line orientations to his world literature and composition classes.

As well as being a folklorist and scholar in Arthurian studies, Dr. Grooms is an expert in the Welsh language, both modern and ancient. According to the professor, the living Welsh language has over a million speakers worldwide. "The Welsh language is a very resilient," says Dr. Grooms. "It survived the onslaught of English, German, French, etc." He is certain that it will survive the twangs of one native Texan.

As a research associate, Dr. Grooms will be able to participate in any of the department's activities during his stay. He may, for example, attend lectures in the department's occasional lecture series, borrow books from the departmental library, and have access to the university's general library. "In essence," he says, it is like having a library card, but a library card to one of the biggest and best libraries in the world."

Dr. Grooms recently presented his grant-study research at a faculty-student seminar on Spring Creek Campus. The seminar was entitled Old Faces and New Interfaces: Reading and Writing Technologies Across the Ages. He is fascinated by corollaries between modern and ancient writing technologies.

"I like to tell my classes that we are returning to medieval technology. Just like they used paper scrolls back in the medieval days, now we scroll down the computer screen."

Since Grooms first won the Internet Scout Award for Social Sciences in 1997 for his website Welsh Authors: Standard, Classic, and Medieval Texts, these sites have become standard destinations for a number of colleges and universities worldwide, including Oxford University, the University of Barcelona, Rutgers, the University of Kentucky, and the University of California at Berkeley.

For a sampling of Welsh literature and grammar, visit his award-winning website at