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CCCCD Culinary Arts Students Win Award

CCCCD Culinary Arts Students Win Award

NOV. 8, 2001-Collin County Community College District hotel/restaurant and culinary arts students recently received a trophy for their traditional chili recipe at the Texas Chefs Association's (TCA) Chili Confrontational. The benefit event held at the Dallas Farmers Market included 20 chili entries. Paying customers helped the TCA raise more than $4,000 for the chef relief fund. Competing against industry chefs from the Dallas area like the Fairmont Hotel, CCCCD was the only educational institution to enter the competition.

Prior to the event, students submitted samples of their own chili recipes and selected the entries by silent vote. Plano resident Gene Athanasion's recipe was chosen to represent the college in the traditional chili category.

According to Karen Musa, CCCCD hotel/restaurant management coordinator, it was a team event. "Fifteen students were involved setting up, serving and cooking. I was very proud that we were able to compete in this league. It was a learning process for our students, who created the original recipes and converted them to 10-gallon recipes. Adjusting a large recipe to taste is tough," she said. Though he claims his chili recipe is not too hot, Athanasion's winning chili contains six different peppers including chili pepper, black pepper, jalapeños, cayenne, chipotle and ancho.

"The chipotle and ancho peppers give it some depth. It is a hearty chili with beef and no beans. It is not too tomatoey; all the flavors meld together, and no one thing is overpowering. I was very excited. It was really fun that it was my recipe that won," Athanasion said.

For more information about CCCCD's culinary arts program, call Karen Musa, CCCCD hotel/restaurant management coordinator, at 972.377.1672.