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CCCCD Nursing Students Send Banner To New York Nurses

CCCCD Nursing Students Send Banner To New York Nurses

NOV. 15, 2001-More than 60 Collin County Community College District (CCCCD) nursing students signed a banner to encourage their fellow nurses at New York State University who recently lost their dormitories, computers and books in the recent terrorist attack.

It was an email from the National Student Nursing Association that prompted CCCCD nursing student Brenda Parker from Plano to reach out to her counterparts in New York.

"We asked the nursing students to send messages of hope and love and support," said Parker. "I know how stressed we are; I imagine the stress would be 100 fold for them. If anything solidified my determination to be a nurse and help others, it would be this event (Sept. 11). So many of the health care workers died on the front lines with only the intention of saving lives. They did not question, they just went," she said.

Parker's message on the banner to the New York students, penned with a strong hand in bold color, sums up the connection the college nurses feel toward their fellow nurses many states away.

"Please accept our love and support in this difficult time. If any event in our time could influence or make more resolute your decision to become a nurse, I believe the events of Sept. 11 would be it. Stay true to your hearts' desires and you will persevere."

For more information about CCCCD's nursing program, call Dr. Vivian Lilly, associate dean of Health Sciences and director of associate degree nursing, at 972.548.6883.