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CCCCD Cisco Academy Trains First Cisco Network Professionals In Texas

CCCCD Cisco Academy Trains First Cisco Network Professionals In Texas

JAN. 02, 2002-Cisco teachers from Arkansas, Tyler, Houston, Weatherford, Corpus Christi and the DFW area are the first in Texas to receive their Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Instructor certification, thanks to Cisco training at Collin County Community College District. CCCCD is one of nine Cisco Academy Training Centers (CATC) in the world.

According to Michael P. Harris, a faculty member from Del Mar Community College in Corpus Christi, CCCCD's professors are experienced and offer hands-on problem solving skills. Harris started taking Cisco classes at CCCCD in August 2000 and has just finished his final class to earn his CCNP certification. He is looking forward to bringing back CCCCD's lab design and problem-solving skills to the 12,000 students at his college.

"The training is fantastic and [professor] Cope Crisson is extremely knowledgeable in curriculum and background matters," said Harris. "We are the first class to finish Cisco VIII in Texas. The equipment is designed very well for the students; it is designed for problem solving. Setting up the lab is often in the way of solving the problem, but here you do not wind up spending so much time in the initial configuration like I have seen in other labs," he said.

For more information about the Cisco Academy at CCCCD, call 972.377.1715.