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CCCCD Foundation Receives Endowment To Benefit Nursing Students

CCCCD Foundation Receives Endowment To Benefit Nursing Students

JAN. 18, 2002-The CCCCD Foundation recently received a $30,000 endowment to benefit Collin County Community College District nursing students. The establishment of the W. Jane Ouellette RN endowment creates two $500 scholarships per semester for CCCCD nursing students who have demonstrated "compassionate care."

"The W. Jane Ouellette RN scholarship endowment not only provides a living legacy honoring Jane's career as a nurse, but also helps to address the dire shortage of skilled caregivers," said Robert Keahey, chair of the CCCCD Foundation Inc. Board of Directors and director of Web Hosting Enterprise Information and Technology at EDS. "I can think of no better way to honor a person who touched the lives of so many people."

The endowment will serve as a permanent memorial to Mrs. Wilma Jane Ouellette of Frisco, who had been a nurse for more than 30 years. Mr. Robert Ouellette, Mrs. Ouellette's husband, said that his wife was dedicated to the field of nursing and spent her life caring for others, in addition to her own family. Because Mrs. Ouellette showed such care and compassion to her many patients, Mr. Ouellette felt that the scholarships should go to students who had demonstrated compassionate care either in the medical field or in the community.

"It is my hope that Jane's caring legacy will be continued by the students who receive the scholarships," said Mr. Ouellette. "Jane put the needs of her patients first--at all times--regardless of rules and regulations, often staying several hours after her shift to complete paperwork so that she could spend her shift caring for the individual completely."

Dr. Vivian Lilly, associate dean of Health Sciences and director of the Associate Degree Nursing program, said that the endowment would go a long way in helping nursing students become nurses able to work in our community. "The students who are seeking nursing as a career will benefit greatly from the donation that Mr. Ouellette has provided. The scholarships will help students with their financial needs, such as purchasing medical textbooks and supplies."

The first W. Jane Ouellette RN scholarships will be awarded this summer. To be eligible for consideration, students must 1) be enrolled at CCCCD; 2) be fully accepted into the nursing program; 3) maintain a 3.0 GPA during the award period; and 4) have demonstrated compassionate care either in medicine or in the community. Applications are now available and must be submitted by June 3, 2002.

To receive an application form or for more information, call the CCCCD Foundation at 972.881.5611.