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College Place Apartments

A Different Kind Of Community

MARCH 26, 2002-While driving to Spring Creek Campus, many people notice the apartment complex near the corner of Jupiter and Avenue K, but few people realize exactly what it is. From the street, College Place Apartments looks like any other gated community in the area. It has an 8-foot security fence, a swimming pool, a sand volleyball court, and a covered picnic area. What makes these apartments different from all the rest are its residents and its leasing policies.

"All of the residents at College Place are students," said Lynda P. Thompson, managing director at the apartments. "College Place was built in 1999 to provide affordable, convenient housing for those attending CCCCD. It is a cross between a residence hall and an apartment community."

Like a residence hall, College Place has two full-time professional managers living on-property and five part-time assistants to help with issues and occupant concerns. Roommate conflict counseling, educational and social programming and 24-hour emergency numbers are available. College Place is also a drug- and alcohol-free community. This policy is strictly enforced.

Unlike a traditional apartment, College Place has individual leases. Friends from high school can live together in a two-bedroom apartment yet be on different leases. Each lease covers one person's bedroom and his or her use of the common areas, such as the kitchen and living room. This is ideal for students who want to share an apartment but who do not want to be responsible for each other's part of the rent. With individual leases at College Place Apartments, financial issues are kept separate.

Flexible lease-lengths are also available. Director Thompson and Assistant Jennifer Boyce will work with residents to tailor leases to fit individual needs. "You can live here for six weeks, a semester, a year, or however long you need," said Thompson. "No other community in the area offers this type of flexibility." Four-bedroom apartments shared by four occupants can run as little as $325 per person, per month, while private studio apartments with individual occupants can run $700 per month.

"College Place apartments are furnished, they offer more privacy and space than hotels/motels, and they are within walking distance of the campus," said Thompson. "So for visiting professors, campers or workshop attendants, they also make ideal summer housing."

Questions about College Place Apartments should be directed to the leasing office at 972-509-0247.