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CCCCD Hosts History Fair

CCCCD Hosts History Fair

APRIL 16, 2002-Nearly 300 students from Dallas and Collin County public and private schools recently participated in the 16th annual Dallas Regional History Day at Collin County Community College District's Spring Creek Campus, 2800 E. Spring Creek Pkwy., in Plano.

Visitors and participants could learn about everything from dance and music-complete with movie clips from "West Side Story" -to the Inquisition and the First Holy War. Exhibits ranged from simple cardboard to an actual door, with knob in tact, used in the "Protestant Reformation: Knocking on Heaven's Door."

The competition included junior- and senior-level categories in individual and group documentaries, individual and group performances, exhibits and research papers. The top two entries in each category qualify for the state competition to be held May 10-11 in Austin.

Placing first in their category, Dallas students Josh Berman, Marvin Edwards and Ryan Edwards from the W.B. Travis Academy will advance to state with their exhibit, "A Revolution in the Space Race." The more than four-foot high, rocket-shaped exhibit was created out of a large tube and featured a revolving window and a computer-generated show of the first landing on the moon. While the students said they spent many hours working on the project and have racked up sizable library late fees, they said they enjoyed the process.

"I am proud that we put so much effort into it. We tried to go the extra step. We based our information on politics, education, economy and technology. Those were the four main things going on during the space race," said Ryan Edwards.

Learning and experience is what it is all about according to CCCCD professor of history Matthew Ware Coulter. Coulter and Larry Collins, CCCCD professor of history, served as co-chairs of the Dallas Regional History Day and the CCCCD History Day task force which included more than 30 college employees.

"I am a historian, and I love history. Whenever we can get people thinking about history it is a valuable experience. This day gives the students the chance to get out of the classroom. Not only do they get feedback from judges, but they also have a chance to show off what they have done," he said.

For more information about the competition, contact Matthew Ware Coulter at 972-881-5816.

Category winners include:

Junior division papers: Natalie Levy, "Cuban Missile Crisis: A Reaction to Revolution," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas) and Hunter Combs, "The Coup d'Etat of Brumaire," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas)

Junior Division Individual Exhibit: Brooke Norman, "Germ Theory: Revolution of Medicine," Scott Johnson Middle School (McKinney) and Elizabeth Kirk, "Television: A Revolution in Political Campaigning," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas)

Junior Division Group Exhibit: Joshua Berman, George M. Edwards, Ryan Edwards, "The Revolution of the Space Race," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas) and Holly Branch, Marie Contreras, "Afghan Women," Alex W. Spence Academy (Dallas)

Junior Division Individual Performance: Samantha Gordon, "Revolution with Pen and Ink," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas)

Junior Division Group Performance: Thomas Simpson and Zach Alberts, "Protests Against the Vietnam War," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas) and John Trujillo, Xavier Cinque, Daniel Bedalla and Robert Castillo, "Breaking the Color Barrier in Baseball," W.B. Travis Academy ( Dallas)

Junior Division Individual Documentary: Naomi Bardoff, "Guernica: Picasso's Revolutionary Masterpiece," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas) and Stephanie Pagan, "With Liberty and Justice for All?," W.B. Travis Academy (Dallas)

Junior Division Group Documentary: Amy Essary, Erin Jones, Amanda Essary and Jessica Coronado, "Gender Equality in Sports," Alex W. Spence Academy (Dallas)

Senior Division Papers: Cristian Orescu, "Glasnost and Perestroika," Vines High School (Plano) and Ryan Kasmiskie, "The Boxer Rebellion," Vines High School (Plano)

Senior Division Individual Exhibit: Corey Wallis, "The Inquisition," McKinney North High School (McKinney) and Lauren Moffett, "Women's Rights Movement," Vines High School (Plano)

Senior Division Group Exhibit: Danielle Wong, Kari Strickland, Kathryn Stevenson, "The Effects of the Cultural Revolution on the People," Highland Park High School (Highland Park) and Payton Odom, Allison Redfearn, "Our Friend Johann Gutenberg," McKinney North High School (McKinney)

Senior Division Individual Performance: Mark Vick, "Charlie Parker," Highland Park High School (Highland Park) and Rebecca Lange, "Billie Jean King and Women's Rights," Highland Park High School (Highland Park)

Senior Division Group Performance: Daniel Stefan, Matthew Decker, Sara Hawkins, "The Boxer Rebellion," Highland Park High School (Highland Park)

Senior Division Individual Documentary: Thomas Shires, "Henry Ford's Model T," Highland Park High School (Highland Park) and Charles Sharpless, "Jazz: Improvising a Revolution," Highland Park High School (Highland Park)

Senior Division Group Documentary: Grant Berger, Annie Wyman, Davis Gibbs, "The Gay Rights Revolution in the `60s," Highland Park High School (Highland Park) and Ray Ho, Wooyeong Jeong, Robert Hollister and Joseph Pirro, "The Chip," Vines High School (Plano)

The Willie Lee Gay Award for best entry on the History of African-Americans in Texas was given to Maisie Allison for the entry "Quest for Justice," Highland Park High School (Highland Park). The Oral History Award for the best entry using oral history was given to Amanda Essary, Amy Essary, Erin Jones and Jessica Coronado for the entry "Gender Equality in Sports," from Alex W. Spence Academy (Dallas).