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CCCCD Awards Stellar Staff

CCCCD Awards Stellar Staff

AUGUST 27 , 2002 - Collin County Community College District boasts the area's best employees. At CCCCD's biannual All-College Day event, full- and part-time faculty from each division received recognition for their dedication based on the following criteria: peer recommendation, division recommendation, student evaluations, classroom visitation and instructor's self-evaluation.

Those full-time employees recognized for their exemplary accomplishments are: Business & Computer Science - Karen Musa, professor of culinary arts; Communications & Humanities - Rodney Coltman, professor of philosophy; Developmental Education - Shirley Terrell, professor of ESL; Engineering Technology - Serena Johnson, professor of Cisco; Fine Arts - Nestor Zarragoitia, professor of art; Math & Natural Sciences - James "Chip" Galloway, professor of mathematics; Physical Education - Sherry Schumann, coordinator of P.E./athletics; Social Sciences, Health & Public Services - Linda Keith, professor of government; and Debbie White, professor of sociology.

This year's outstanding part-time faculty honorees are: Business & Computer Science - Robert Formaini, instructor of economics; and Horace Carpenter, instructor of computer science; Communications & Humanities - Peggy Vera, instructor of English; Developmental Education - Cynthia Reynolds, instructor of Reading; Engineering Technology - Steve Stevenson, instructor of Cisco; Fine Arts - Donna Adams, instructor of art; Math & Natural Sciences - Laurie Correa, instructor of biology; Physical Education - Brody Burns, instructor of self-defense and Karate; and Social Sciences, Health & Public Services - Marti Weaver, instructor of psychology.

Collin County Community College District serves more than 35,000 credit and continuing education students annually and offers more than 100 degree and certificate programs in a wide range of disciplines. In addition, the CCCCD is a partner to business, government and industry, providing customized training and work force development.