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CCCCD Employee Named To Citizenship Program

CCCCD Employee Named To Citizenship Program

SEPTEMBER 9, 2002 - Cheri Jack, director of student life at Collin County Community College District, has been chosen as a participant in the annual Citizenship McKinney Program, class of 2003. Jack has worked for CCCCD for the past 14 years and has been a resident of McKinney for the past 12 years.

The citizenship McKinney program has three stated aims: to improve the leadership skills of its participants; to familiarize them with city operations and governance; and to improve their communication skills.

"I really feel strongly about giving something back to the community," says Jack. "Cities are more than just brick and mortar. They are collections of people. And the city needs people who will get involved. I am really excited and honored to represent the college."

As director of student life at CCCCD, Cheri Jack wears many hats. She oversees programs which enhance student learning and development, provides them with educational, civic, social, and leadership opportunities, and edits the student handbook. She has also been an associate faculty member, an advisory board member for the physical therapist assistant program, and chair of the student activity fee advisory committee. She is also volunteer coordinator for region 12 of the Association of College Unions International (

Cheri Jack received her M.S. in counselor education from the University of Wisconsin--Madison.