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CCCCD Foundation Awards Scholarship

CCCCD Foundation Awards Scholarship

SEPTEMBER 27, 2002 - More than 450 students, donors, sponsors, faculty members and honored guests joined together on August 15, 2002 at the Harvey Hotel in Plano to recognize academic excellence at this year's CCCCD Foundation, Inc., Scholarship Banquet.

The banquet, which was the largest in the CCCCD Foundation's history, honored 160 deserving CCCCD students with scholarship awards.

For the first time this year, CCCCD faculty who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and engagement both in and out of the classroom were honored with scholarships bearing their names. Over 45 CCCCD students were the beneficiaries of this recognition of excellence.

The CCCCD Foundation is the fundraising arm of the district. Founded in 1987 by the college's Board of Trustees, the Foundation exists to financially contribute to the teaching and learning excellence exemplified at CCCCD.

For more information about the CCCCD Foundation, call 972-881-5611 or visit them on the web at