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Russell Named To Volunteer Center

Russell Named To Volunteer Center

November 25, 2002 - Kim Russell, executive director of human resources with Collin County Community College District, has been unanimously elected to the board of directors of the Volunteer Center of Collin County (VCCC), a non-profit organization that matches county volunteers with agencies that need their help.

The Volunteer Center promotes, supports and coordinates volunteerism throughout Collin County to meet the staffing needs of over 250 nonprofit agencies.

"It is a privilege be a part of the Volunteer Center of Collin County, and I look forward to many opportunities to serve and contribute to such a worthy endeavor."

As the newest member of the board, Russell will fill the seat of departing member Toni Jenkins, executive vice president at CCCCD, a member for over 3 years.

Mark Smith, president of the board of the Volunteer Center, said that each new member brings his or her special talents to the mission of the VCCC. Russell joins what he calls a "working board," one whose contributions to the community go largely unseen by the public that benefits from its efforts. Russell will help provide policy guidance and participate with the board in leading fundraising efforts for the center.

"We will take advantage of her time and talent, and her good ideas," said Smith. "CCCCD is one of the building blocks of the community. And for us to involve leaders from the college helps us strengthen our own base and gives us a partnership that is to the community's benefit."