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SAIL Donates Funds To CCCCD Foundation, Inc

SAIL Donates Funds To CCCCD Foundation, Inc

August 15, 2003 - CCCCD sponsored Seniors Active In Learning (SAIL) helps support student scholarships through a generous donation to the CCCCD Foundation, Inc. Each August, SAIL awards the $1,000 Charles Lenhard Scholarship and $1,700 SAIL Scholarship. Due to their increased enrollment this year, SAIL was able to add another $2,000 donation to the scholarship fund.

Scholarships given with this donation may be used for textbooks, tuition or any other pressing need the foundation feels is appropriate.

"SAIL is always appreciative of the support it receives from the college and is happy to give something back. We are aware of the critical need for scholarship funds so it was only natural that we make additional dollars available to our students," said Jean Martin of the SAIL program.

For more information about any of these activities, call the SAIL office at 972-985-3788 or visit the web site at