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CCCCD To Benefit From Perkins Grant For Statewide Nurse Refresher Course Project

CCCCD To Benefit From Perkins Grant For Statewide Nurse Refresher Course Project

August 26, 2003 - According to the Texas Workforce Commission, there are currently approximately 128 job openings for nurses within 25 miles of Collin County. It is also predicted that 167,580 nurses will be needed by 2010, a 26.7% increase in just a decade.

In response to this need, Collin County Community College District, in collaboration with the Health Professions Institute at Austin Community College, El Paso Community College, Midland Community College, North Harris Community College, the Texas Hospital Association and STARLINK, received a one-year, $80,000 Carl D. Perkins grant to produce a Distance Learning Re-Entry Nursing Update course to debut in the fall of 2004.

The purpose of the program is to provide statewide accessible training for those who have been out of the nursing field for a while and plan to re-enter the clinical setting, but need to reactivate their license status. The project will consist of a convenient web-based (and CD-ROM) alternative to the classroom.

"The distance learning component is an important part of the project. With today's busy schedules, we want to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to return to nursing and encourage many more to return to the nursing profession," said Gary Hodge, dean of Social Sciences, Health and Public Services. "Former nurses can reactivate their licensure without having to start all over. The nurse refresher course allows them to return to the nursing profession much quicker. CCCCD is attempting to proactively address the critical shortage in nursing that our community and society are facing."

Each collaborative partner will work on one component of this project with CCCCD providing webmaster support for the online portion of the program. CCCCD will be the first community college in the area to offer this vital initiative.

For more information about the associate degree nursing program, call Nell Ard at 972-548-6883.