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SAIL Into Spring To Enrich Your Life

SAIL Into Spring To Enrich Your Life

January 6, 2004 - CCCCD sponsored Seniors Active In Learning (SAIL) is now registering for spring. Seniors may register for SAIL classes from 1 – 3 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 13 in room A106 at the Courtyard Center for Professional and Economic Development, 4800 Preston Park Blvd. in Plano.

SAIL offers an array of topics for seniors including history, literature and the arts, health and safety, the outdoors and others. SAIL also has a summer Brown Bag Lunch Series.

SAIL is an educational program operated by and for individuals 50 years of age and older under the sponsorship of CCCCD Continuing Education. SAIL is affiliated with Elderhostel Institute Network and is one of approximately 265 Institutes for Learning In Retirement in the United States.

Annual membership in SAIL is $25 plus $50 tuition per semester for unlimited courses. Registration is also open by mail, telephone or in person at the SAIL office throughout the semester for classes that are not filled.

For more information about SAIL, please call 972-985-3788 or visit the web site at