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New Mediation Certificate Available at Collin

New Mediation Certificate Available at Collin

August 3, 2005 – Collin County Community College District (Collin) has a new way for business men and women to improve their marketable value.

Collin will offer a new mediation certificate this fall. It entails 18 hours of courses including Basic Mediator Training, Family Mediation Training, Negotiations and Conflict Management, Leadership, Business Law and Applied Psychology.

According to Steve Stovall, who will teach the mediation classes, mediation is important to anyone in the business world or those who want to become mediators. Stovall said mediation has increased his value as a businessman, manager and as a Plano city councilman.

“The advantage regarding mediation training is that it is not just for mediators,” Stovall said. “I would have loved to have had this training when I first started out in the business world. All of this training helps you. It is for people in any realm of the workforce who want to be more effective in what they are doing.”

Two types of mediators will be trained through the college’s Management Development Department. The program will focus on basic mediation, which entails legal, business and community situations. A family mediation course also will be available. After receiving the certificate, students will have met the Texas requirements to be mediator. The state requires further training for those seeking to enter family mediation.

Stovall earned a certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University. He has worked as a mediator in a number of capacities including family, corporate or business, real estate and insurance disputes.

Mediation is a dispute resolution procedure that includes a third party who leads the disputants to their own solution, without a judge making a decision. Mediation can be a formal process with lawyers or contractors, or an informal procedure with corporate or in-house mediators.

Naomie Rudelson, a Collin associate faculty member in the Management Development Department, said mediation helps individuals in all aspects of life.

“Whether it is a chosen career or not, the skills of a trained mediator equip the individual with all the aspects of a dispute resolution methodology,” Rudelson said. “Conflict management skills help the individual become a more effective manager, employer, parent and member of the community. Mediation training on a resume adds to personal marketability.”

For more information, contact Management Development professor Russell Kunz at 972.377.1702 or academic advisor Terrance Brennan at 972.377.1771. For more information about mediation visit the Southwest Conflict Resolution Network website at

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