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College Unveils Two New Business Certificates This Fall

August 19, 2005 -- Collin County Community College District (Collin) covers both ends of the business spectrum with two new certificates.

Collin’s Management Development and Marketing Department will offer certificates in Small Business Management and International Business this fall.

The Small Business Management certificate includes five courses: Small Business Management, Small Business Operations, Small Business Financing, Customer Relations and Principles of Selling.

The Small Business Management certificate equips business owners in all areas of expertise and experience with the tools to succeed.

“No matter how long business owners have been operating their businesses, they will continue to have concerns, difficulties and problems,” marketing professor Gloria Cockerell said. “If they have taken our courses, though, they will know how to solve the concerns and problems. They also will be able to refer to the business plans that they constructed in the Small Business Management course as ‘works in progress,’ and to refer to them as they need to remind themselves of how certain activities should be done.”

The certificate series also will benefit the novice business owner, Cockerell said.

“Most people who start businesses or want to start them are just everyday people who have hobbies, skills, connections or talents that can be developed into businesses, but they do not know how to deal with insurance, taxes, hiring and firing legalities, legal structures of businesses, promoting their businesses or even how to keep books,” she said. “The courses, which are included in the Small Business Management certificate, are designed to teach people how to work with government entities, rules and regulations and the market in general – teaching some people business aspects for the first time and honing the skills some already possess.”

Other topics the certificate covers include how to read people, how to promote one’s business, how to create business plans, how to choose a location for one’s business, how to set up suppliers, banks, accountants and lawyers and much more. Students also will visit businesses owned by former students as well as the Small Business Development Center, and have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers.

The International Business certificate totals 15 hours in five classes, including Marketing Research and Strategies, International Marketing Management, International Business Law, International Comparative Management and Fundamentals of Speech Communication.

According to Russell Kunz, Management Development and Marketing Department chair, the International Business certificate will benefit everyone including individuals who want to work as intermediaries between U.S. and international businesses.

“We have an international market in today’s business world,” he said. “This international market is reflected in the Metroplex and at Collin campuses. Some of our students have an ambition of working in international business and courses like this can prepare them for their future.”

Kunz added that these courses can be substituted into any of the management or marketing degrees or added to any other area of study.

For more information about the Small Business Management and International Business certificates, or any other degree or certificate offered by the Management Development and Marketing Department, call Kunz at 972.377.1702 or academic advisor Terrance Brennan at 972.377.1771.

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