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Students: Get Your New Cougar Mail User Name

August 29, 2005 – New this fall, Collin County Community College District (Collin) implemented a college-wide e-mail system for students—Cougar Mail. Students are now required to learn their user names and use their college e-mail accounts. The system will be used to distribute tuition statements, financial aid information, registration data, faculty correspondence and more.

Below are a few highlights of the system:

User name
Student user names will be the first letter of the first name, plus some or all of the last name and a number. For example “jdoe0” would be the user name for the first John Doe registered as a student. To determine their user name, students should visit . To find the user names through this site, students will need their campus-wide ID numbers, which have already been generated by the Student Information System (SIS), along with their personal identification numbers (PIN). To obtain a PIN, visit Student Development at a campus near you.

E-mail accounts
Students’ e-mail addresses will use the following format: The student e-mail account password will be the last six digits of the student’s campus-wide ID number. Collin will not use the last six digits of students’ Social Security numbers.

Students can access their e-mail accounts through any web browser at . In addition, signs will be posted on bulletin boards on all campuses. The Admissions and Records Office (ARO) will provide information to students for the first several weeks of the fall semester. The Learning Resources Centers (LRC) and student computer labs also will have stations for students to find their user name. Distance learning students who have lost their campus-wide ID can contact ARO for assistance at 972.881.5710.

Students can use their user name and password to access the Pharos SignUp and UniPrint systems in the Learning Resource Centers (LRC) and for network accounts.

Please note the following important information:

• Students cannot set up a rule to forward all of their Cougar Mail e-mail to another e-mail address.

• Special stations will be available on all campuses during the first two class days for students to obtain their campus-wide ID (CWID), if necessary.

• Administrative Programming will have a webpage available 24 hours a day for students to access using their CWID and PIN to obtain their student user name.

The Cougar Mail system was implemented to continue to provide quality service to Collin students. For more information on Cougar Mail, visit Student Development at a campus near you.