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Board Agenda for August 30, 2005

Notice is hereby given that the Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold a called meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at the Courtyard Center, 4800 Preston Park Blvd., Plano, Texas, Fourth Floor Room B425.

CALL TO ORDER Roll Call 7:00 p.m.
1. Certification of the Notice of the August 30, 2005 Meeting of the CCCCD Board of Trustees
2. Approval of Minutes: August 19, 2005 Called Meeting
3. Approval of Minutes: August 23, 2005 Regular Meeting

2005-8-4-1 Personnel Reports for August 30, 2005
                   1a. Faculty Appointments
                   1b. Staff Appointments
                   1c. Promotions/Laterals/Reclassifications
                   1d. Termination/Resignation Report
                   1e. Compensation: Faculty, Staff and President
2005-8-4-2 Approval of 2005-2006 Budget
2005-8-4-3 Approval of Resolution Setting 2005 Tax Rate
2005-8-4-4 Approval to Establish Tuition Rates Effective with the Spring Semester 2006
2005-8-4-5 Approval of the Sale of “Struck-off” Property, Farmersville, TX