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Collin Starts Strategic Language Institute

July 12, 2006 -- Communication is the key to any successful business. In today's global economy, bilingual employees are vital toward fostering fruitful partnerships around the world.

Collin County Community College District (Collin) Continuing Education is launching the Strategic Language Institute in an effort to increase the level of foreign language speakers with an emphasis on languages important to know for national security reasons, cultural understanding and economic competitiveness.

The Strategic Language Institute will offer classes in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi and Russian - languages deemed "strategic" in helping government and business representatives bridge the cultural and communicative gap and promote understanding.

In addition to these "strategic" languages, Collin will continue to offer eight additional foreign languages along with a series of classes designed to improve the communication, conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills of students where English is their second language.

Foreign language training can be a great asset to businesses that are based in or do business with clients in foreign countries. Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc., one of DFW's biggest companies has become a subsidiary of its Japanese licensee. Diakin Industries Ltd., one of Japan's top air conditioner makers is now based in Carrollton. Collin offers five levels of Japanese in addition to grammar and conversation. Sixteen of the top 50 subsidiaries have home offices in French speaking countries. Collin offers nine levels of French in addition to grammar and conversation.

The Strategic Language Institute is in response to an initiative that President Bush announced earlier this year asking for more students to study foreign languages. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice noted that our "country made a huge intellectual investment in winning the Cold War" and said that in recent years America has not made similar investments, especially surrounding the teaching of critical languages. She also added that the countries where the critical languages are spoken "will define the 21st century. Nothing is more important than being able to converse with them in their native tongue."

For more information on the Strategic Language Institute, please call 972.985.3750 or visit and click on the heading for "Courses."

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