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Board Agenda for September 26, 2006

Board Agenda for September 26, 2006

Notice is hereby given that the Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, September 26, 2006, at the Preston Ridge Campus, 9700 Wade Blvd., Frisco, TX 75035, Room LC104.

CALL TO ORDER Roll Call 5:30 p.m.

Adjournment to Room L215A for closed or executive session pursuant to the Texas Government Code
1. Section 551.071: Consultations with Attorney
2. Section 551.072: Deliberations about Real Property
3. Section 551.074: Personnel Matters

RECONVENE, 7:00 p.m. (approximate time)
1. Certification of the Notice of the September 26, 2006, Meeting of the CCCCD Board of Trustees
2. Approval of Minutes of the August 29, 2006, CCCCD Board Meeting

Check Presentation: Baylor Regional Medical Center-Plano, Jerri Garison, President and Meredith Shapiro, Senior Community Relations Coordinator

2006-9-1  Personnel Report for September 2006
     1a.  Staff Appointments
     1b.  Promotions/Laterals/Changes
     1c.  Termination/Resignation Report
     1d.  Compensation: Faculty, Staff, and President
2006-9-2  Second Reading and Approval of Board Policies
2006-9-3  Approval of Annual Agreements for Continuing Education Professional Development and Business Solutions Group Training Classes
2006-9-4  Approval of Memorandum of Understanding for Consulting Services Related to the National Science Foundation Grant
2006-9-5 Approval of Continuance of the Interlocal Agreement to Participate in the TASB Risk Management Fund's Unemployment Compensation Program
2006-9-6 Approval of Contract with Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. Related to the new Math and Science Building at the Preston Ridge Campus
2006-9-7 Approval of Tax Abatement Agreement with IPA Plano Properties, Inc. and Raytheon Company, Reinvestment Zone 98, Plano, Texas
2006-9-8 Approval of Tax Abatement Agreement with Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc., Reinvestment Zone 99, Plano, Texas
2006-9-9 Approval of Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for St. John's Masonic Lodge #51, McKinney, Texas
2006-9-10 Approval of Guaranteed Maximum Price, Pogue Construction, Construction Manager-at-Risk at the Preston Ridge Campus
2006-9-11 Approval to Amend Contract with Corgan Associates for Professional and Architectural Services Related to the Preston Ridge Campus
2006-9-12 Approval of Agreement with TXUED Related to Building "D" at the Preston Ridge Campus
2006-9-13 Approval of Bid Report for September 2006