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Collin Board Agenda for May 22, 2007


Notice is hereby given that the Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 22, 2007 at the Courtyard Center for Professional and Economic Development, 4800 Preston Park Blvd., Plano, Texas, Fourth Floor, Room B425.

RECONVENE, 7:00 p.m.
1. Certification of the Notice of the May 22, 2007, Meeting of the CCCCD Board of Trustees
2. Approval of Minutes of the April 24, 2007, CCCCD Board Meeting

1. Update on Faculty Council – 2006-2007 Faculty Council President Amina El-Ashmawy and 2007-2008 Faculty Council President Cathy Whitney
2. Book-in-Common Initiative – Regina Hughes, Director of the Center for Scholarly & Civic Engagement, and Professors Lauryn Angel-Cann, Betty Bettacchi, and Delores Zumwawlt

2007-5-1 Personnel Report for May 2007
1a. Faculty Appointments
1b. One-Year Faculty Contracts (Full-Time)
1c. Staff Appointments
1d. Safety and Security Officer Appointment Police/Peace Officer
1e. Promotions/Laterals/Changes
1f. Termination/Resignation Report

2007-5-2 First Reading of Board Policies (LOCAL)
    BBD Board Members: Orientation
    BDB Board Meetings: Public Participation
    DDC Contract and Noncontract Employment: Noncontract Employment
    DI Assignment and Schedules
    DNA Personnel Positions: Qualifications and Duties
    FK Student Activities (was FDB Student Travel)
    FLB Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct
2007-5-3 Discussion and Consideration of Changes, if any, in Policy Regarding Tax Abatements
2007-5-4 Approval of Annual Agreement Funds for Montessori Teacher Training
2007-5-5 Approval of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the City of Plano for the Extension of Automated Library Services
2007-5-6 Approval of Tax Abatement with GE Healthcare IITS USA Corp., and Lincoln Brookdale Associates LP
2007-5-7 Approval of the Renewal of Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Allen Masonic Lodge #1435 AF & AM
2007-5-8 Approval of Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Pride Lodge #228, Farmersville, Texas
2007-5-9 Approval of Expenditure Reports for April 2007
2007-5-10 Approval of Bid Report for May 2007

Budget Status Report as of 04/30/07
Investment Schedule as of 04/30/07