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Home Schoolers Attend Science Day


Home Schoolers Attend Science DayMarch 13, 2009 - Homeschooled children ages 7-13 were treated to a unique experience on March 6 at Collin College's Central Park Campus, where they participated in a Science Day exclusively for them.

"This is important because homeschooled kids don't have the facilities that you will find in [public] school," Dr. Donna Cain, a Collin College microbiology professor, said. "This allows them to come here and use some of our resources. The kids had a lot of fun."

Rotating through three different labs, more than 20 homeschoolers performed hands-on experiments involving anatomy and physiology such as dissecting cow eyeballs, looking at cells under a microscope and examining DNA isolation.

"I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you to the college for allowing us to come up here. I am very glad that other places are opening opportunities like this to homeschoolers," Alec Hendricks, 13, said while dissecting a cow eyeball. "I like science because you get to find out stuff and I-m having so much fun here."

From a parent's perspective, Sara Vale said this is event is awesome and will add so much to the students' education.

"We are all really grateful to Collin College for having this," Vale said, while watching her son, Vinjai Vale, 8, dissect animals. "It's exciting just watching how much fun the kids are having."

"I really liked the DNA testing part," Owen Preece, 7, said. "I like science because you can do things physically and experiment with all of this stuff."

Aside from eating pizza, the students also had the opportunity to eat ice cream, only they made the dessert, with the help of Collin College chemists, using liquid nitrogen.

"We are training tomorrow's scientists," Cain said, adding that she would like to make this an annual event. "There is definitely a shortage of math and science education and we are trying to help fill that gap."

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