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Collin College Board Agenda

Notice is hereby given that the Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at the Collin Higher Education Center, 3452 Spur 399, McKinney, TX 75069.

CALL TO ORDER Roll Call 5 p.m.

Adjournment to Room 135 (Board Conference Room) for closed or executive session pursuant to the Texas Government Code

  1. Section 551.071:  Consultations with Attorney
  2. Section 551.072:  Deliberations about Real Property
  3. Section 551.074: Personnel Matters
    551.074 (a) (1):
    • Deliberate the Appointment of Trustee, Place 9
    • Deliberate the Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of Employee(s)

RECONVENE, 7:00 p.m., Board Room 139

  1. Certification of Notice of June 26, 2012, Meeting of CCCCD Board of Trustees
  2. Pledges of Allegiance
  3. Approval of Minutes of May 22, 2012, CCCCD Board of Trustees Regular Meeting


2012-6-1    Personnel Report for June 2012
                       1a.     Faculty Appointments
                       1b.     Staff Appointments
                       1c.     Promotions/Laterals/Changes
                       1d.     Terminations/Resignations
2012-6-2    Appointment of Trustee, Place 9
2012-6-3    Approval of New AAS Degree and Certification Program for Polysomnographic Technology
2012-6-4    Approval of New Certificate Program for Central Sterile Processing
2012-6-5    Approval of Distance Education and Certification Programs

  • Academic Transfer Certificates - Field of Study:  Criminal Justice
  • Workforce Education Certificates: Fire Officer Certification Specialization, Polysomnographic Technology, Real Estate Salesperson, and Surgical  Technology Central Sterile Processing

2012-6-6    Approval of Increase in FY 2012 CEWD Training Contract with Dr. Scott McGregor/Vision Health Services
2012-6-7    Approval of New CEWD Courses for Fall 2013
2012-6-8    Approval of Changes in CEWD Course Fees for FY2013
2012-6-9    Approval of the Final Cost of the PRC Classroom Building, Conference Center and Parking Garage
2012-6-10    Approval of the Renewal of Food Services Agreement with Chartwells
2012-6-11    Approval of Proposal from NCM Media Networks for In-Theatre Advertising
2012-6-12    Approval of the Sale of Struck-off Property in McKinney, Texas
2012-6-13    Approval of Expenditure Reports for May 2012
2012-6-14    Approval of Bid Report for June 2012


  • Budget Status Report as of 05/31/12
  • Investment Schedule as of 05/31/12
  • Quarterly Investment Report ending 05/31/12
  • Summary of Foundation Payments to the District 03/12 – 05/12

Comments on:  Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences taking place at the College; Awards Received; Accomplishments; Appointments at the Local, State, and National Level; Published Articles and Newspapers Reports; and Upcoming Events.

Mac Hendricks, Chairman