Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda for May 28, 2013

Notice is hereby given that the Collin County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, May 28, 2013, at the Collin Higher Education Center, 3452 Spur 399, McKinney, TX 75069.

Organization, Education and Policy Committee (Arias, McCall, Trujillo, and Wainwright) will meet at 4 p.m. in the President's Conference Room 407 at the Collin Higher Education Center.

Campus Facilities and Construction Committee (Roach, Collin, Hardin and Wainwright) will meet at 5 p.m. in the President's Conference Room 407, at the Collin Higher Education Center.

Call To Order Roll Call 5:30 p.m.

Oath of Office for Trustees Places 5, 6, and 9

Adjournment to Closed or Executive Session
Adjournment to Room 135 for closed or executive session pursuant to the Texas Government Code

  1. Section 551.071: Consultations with Attorney
  2. Section 551.072: Deliberations about Real Property
  3. Section 551.074: Personnel Matters

Reconvene, 7:00 p.m., Board Room 139

  1. Certification of Notice of the May 28, 2013, Meeting of CCCCD Board of Trustees
  2. Pledges of Allegiance
  3. Approval of Minutes of April 23, 2013, CCCCD Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
  4. Approval of Minutes of the May 21, 2013, Called Meeting of the CCCCD Board of Trustees to Canvass the May 11, 2013, Election Results for Trustee Places 4, 5, 6, and 9, Declare Election Results, Order a Runoff for Place 4, and Notice of Runoff on June 15, 2013, for Trustees Place 4

Repeat Oath of Office for Trustees Place 5, 6, and 9

Public Comments

Agenda Items
2013-5-2-1    Personnel Report for May 2013
                        1a.    Administrative Appointments
                        1b.    Faculty Appointments
                        1c.    Staff Appointments
                        1d.    Promotions/Laterals/Changes
                        1e.    Resignations/Terminations
2013-5-2-2    First Reading of Board (LOCAL) Policies
                        BFA    College President: Qualifications and Duties
                        CQ    College District Auxiliary Enterprises/Uses of Auxiliary Revenues
                        DD    Contract and At-Will Employment
                        DDC    Contract and At-Will Employment/At-Will Employment
                        DGBA    Personnel Management Relations/Employee Complaints
                        DH    Employee Standards of Conduct
                        DMAA    Term Contracts/Dismissal
                        DOA    Term Contracts/Dismissal
                        FDE    Student Welfare/Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
                        FK    Student Activities
2013-5-2-3    Approval of New Lab Fees Effective Spring 2014
2013-5-2-4    Approval of Expenditure Reports for April 2013
2013-5-2-5    Approval of Bid Report for May 2013

Information Reports
Budget Status Report as of 04/30/13
Investment Schedule as 04/30/13

President's And Board Announcements
Comments on: Workshops, Seminars, and conferences taking place at the college: Awards Received: Accomplishments; Appointments at the Local, State, and National Level; Published Articles and Newspapers Reports; ad up coming Events.

Announcements / Adjournment