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City of Frisco, Collin College to Discontinue Management Agreement With Frisco Superdrome; College To Expand To Meet Growth

City of Frisco Logo & Collin College LogoDecember 15, 2017 – The City of Frisco and Collin College will discontinue a management agreement with the Superdrome Management Group when it expires December 31, 2017.

The decision will open the door for Collin College to repurpose the 5.5-acre site to accommodate growth occurring at its Preston Ridge Campus, where the Superdrome is located.

"Since 1998, enrollment at our Frisco campus has grown by almost 400 percent, from 2,255 to about 8,700 students," said Dr. Neil Matkin, Collin College district president. "Space is at a premium, and availability of the land where the track currently exists will accommodate our expansion plans."

The Frisco Superdrome opened in 1998 as a public-private partnership between the City of Frisco, Collin College and Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Collin College provided the land; the college, the city and EDS shared the costs of the $2.5 million structure.

The 'Superdrome' was recognized as the city's first sporting venue to host both professional and amateur athletes. The Frisco Superdrome hosted everything from local clinics to national and international competitions, including the 2000 U.S. Olympic team trials for track cycling.

However, as an outdoor facility exposed to weather elements, significant annual maintenance is required – especially given the track's age, just shy of twenty years old. Attendance and track use has also declined for more than a decade.

"We recognize our city and the college have evolved over the past two decades," said Henry Hill, Deputy City Manager. "Our community is shifting emphasis to recreational and road biking. While we're proud and appreciate the contributions of the 'Superdrome' to our community, the viable life cycle of the facility has reached the end of its life in Frisco. We agree it's not efficient for us (the city and the college) to continue to invest and maintain the facility."

City staff has fielded inquiries about the possibility of relocating the track outside Frisco.



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