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Cougarcast is the podcast for Collin College. In it, we talk with a number of students, faculty and special guests from a variety of different disciplines and interests. It serves as an audio capsule of Collin College's dedication toward learning, involvement, creativity and discourse.

Listed below are the most recent podcasts.  Please visit our archive for past episodes.

Philip Schultz
Cougarcast 32 - Philip Schultz

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For our first ever video cast, we spoke to Pulitzer Prize winner and author of "My Dyslexia" Philip Schultz. Mr Schultz visited Collin College on March 5-7 for live discussions, writer's workshop and signing events.
World-Changing Scholars Cougarcast
Cougarcast 30 - World-Changing Scholars

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From a medical discovery by Dr. Jonas Salk to Ayn Rand's literary output and Salvador Dalí's timeless art, these scholars continue to impact the world we live in today.

In this edition of The Cougarcast, we  talk to Collin College professor Dr. Collin Thomas along with Deans Marianne Layer and Gaye Cooksey about what made these scholars unique and world-changing.

Emily Pilloton
Cougarcast 29 - Emily Pilloton

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In this edition of CougarCast, we talk with Emily Pilloton who visited Collin College as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. She is the founder and executive director of Project H Design, a nonprofit organization that engages communinties around the nation through creative design initiatives

Pilloton will discuss her current project in rural North Carolina, the idea of humanitarian design and the challenges with trying to change the world

Jaztet One
Cougarcast 28 - Kris Berg & Jaztet One

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Jazz is one of America's greatest art forms. The craftsmanship, instinct and execution has gone from Birdland to the rehearsal rooms at Collin College. The Jaztet One Band has evolved and put its own unique spin on the genre during the tenure of Kris Berg, professor and director of jazz studies at Collin College.

In this edition of CougarCast, we talk with Professor Berg about Jaztet One and the intricacies behind their creative output. Also, we talk with the Jaztet One Band itself -- Josh Stover, Jarod Schmitt, C.J. Thompson, Corey Stanfield -- and listen to a performance of "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver.

Julie Otsuka
Cougarcast 27 - Julie Otsuka

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Thank you for listening to Cougarcast, Collin College's venue for talking with fascinating faculty, students and special guests about any number of interesting topics from the arts, literature, science, history and many other subjects.

Thank you for listening to CougarCast. Collin College recently welcomed Julie Otsuka, the author of "When The Emperor was Divine, the 2010-11 Book-in-Common.

Otsuka's novel is a piece of historical fiction set just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the onset of World War II in San Francisco. It chronicles the trials of a Japanese-American family as they are forced from their home and to an internment camp in Utah. The story is based on the experience of Otsuka's own family and it brings to light a dark and, often, ignored chapter in American history.

Otsuka graciously took time to talk to CougarCast about her book, the writing process and her family.

Dr. Lynn Rothschild
Cougarcast 26 - Dr. Lynn Rothschild

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Thank you for listening to Cougarcast, Collin College's venue for talking with fascinating faculty, students and special guests about any number of interesting topics from the arts, literature, science, history and many other subjects.

In this episode, Professor of biology Dr. Colin Thomas talks with Dr. Lynn Rothschild, a NASA Scientist, professor at Stanford and internationally renowned astrobiologist.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Rothschild discuss life on Earth and possibly other planets, evolutionary biology and what may be on the horizon for future discoveries.

Cali LewisCougarcast 25 - Cali Lewis

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Cali Lewis is the host and for three to five minutes, several times a week, she gets to share her passion with the world: Technology.

Lewis visited Collin College as the keynote speaker for the TechKnowFire event and sat down with Nick Young to discuss gadgets, gizmos, what bores her, what excites her and what's next for

Max HowardCougarcast 24 - Max Howard

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In the past 20 years, the field of animation has exploded -- financially and critically.

One of the individuals behind this movement is Max Howard, president of Exodus Film Group.

As a part of the Distinguished Speaker Series, Howard visited Collin College to discuss Innovation in animation.

Howard graciously stopped to talk with the Cougarcast about where animation's been and where's it going.

Brent FidlerCougarcast 23 - Brent Fidler

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Independent filmmaker Brent Fidler has a peculiar connection with the legendary American writer Edgar Allen Poe.

Mostly because he portrays the writer in the film "Poe: Last Days of the raven" which he also wrote and directed.

During a visit to Collin College, Fidler sat and talked with Mark Robinson about Poe, making movies and his personal affinity with the deceased scribe.

Dr. Peter WoitCougarcast 22 - Dr. Peter Woit

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In this episode of the Cougarcast, we talk with Dr. Peter Woit, the second guest lecturer of the 2009-2010 Distinguished Speaker Series.

Dr. Woit is a physicist and mathematician who is currently a Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University. He graduated in 1979 from Harvard University with bachelor's and master's degrees in physics, and then went on to get a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Princeton University. He has been a postdoc at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook and at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkeley. Since 1989 he has been teaching at Columbia, where in recent years he has taught graduate courses in quantum field theory, representation theory and differential geometry.  His book, Not Even Wrong, an evaluation of string theory, was published in 2006.

In this interview, Dr. Woit speaks with Heather Darrow about physics, string theory and the large hadron collider.

Cougarcast 21 - Karla Morton

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Songwriter Leonard Cohen once said that "Poetry is just the evidence of life."  Texas Poet Laureate Karla Morton can attest to that as she's used words to chronicle her fight for life. In this month's Cougarcast, professor of humanities Dallie Clark talks with Morton about poetry, her fight with breast cancer, the recording of an epic poem and more. Morton also will read some of her poetry and discuss the creative process behind writing, music and a cat named after a candy bar.