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Points Of Cougar Pride - Degrees Awarded 2007-2008
Degrees Awarded 2007-2008
Dr. Taha Ansari, biology lab assistant, received her doctoral degree in philosophy in mathematics from The University Texas at Dallas.

Kelly Martin, professor of English, earned a doctorate in philosophy from The University of Texas in Dallas in May 2008.

Pam Sewell, lab instructor for developmental mathematics, completed her master's degree in Educational Technology from the University of Texas, Brownsville in May 2008.

Jenny Wakefield, executive assistant to the provost at Central Park Campus, graduated in December 2007 with a bachelor of applied arts and sciences in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement from the University of North Texas.

Donna Okaro, assistant director of Student Life, received a master of arts in Women's Studies from Texas Women's University in May 2008.

Sonja Andrus, professor of English, earned her doctorate in English from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Andrea Leavey, professor of English, received her doctorate in Humanities from The University of Texas at Dallas. Leavey became the first faculty member to graduate under a partnership that provides scholarships to Collin College faculty obtaining their doctoral degrees from UT Dallas.

Barbara Money, associate vice president of Student Development, received her doctorate in Leadership in Higher Education from Capella University.

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