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Points Of Cougar Pride - In The Public Eye 2007-2008
In The Public Eye 2007-2008
The college's Photography Department and chair Byrd Williams were mentioned on NPR's weekly program, "Anything You Ever Wanted To Know." During the program, the department was called the "best photography department in the southwest."

Jackie Langford, Simulation Lab director, published “Anaphylaxis,” in the May/June issue of Texas EMS magazine, a publication of the Texas Department of State Health Services. The article presents an in-depth review of anaphylaxis, its effects on body systems, clinical presentation, patient management and medications used in treatment and is offered as a mail-in continuing education course for those certified in EMS.

Sharon Ventura, former art student, was invited to participate in the North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts' 2008 Obelisk Awards and 20th Anniversary Gala at the Fashion Gallery Institute in Dallas, in June. Her painting, "Moxie Mode" was one of the pieces purchased at the event.

Jerry E. Smith, professor of painting and art appreciation, presented a one-man exhibition of his work at Eastern Oklahoma State University, in Ada, Okla., in November 2007. The fifteen works included painting, drawing and mixed media assemblage.

Barbara Dubovsky, art student, placed third for her drawing "Sleeping Woman" in the Body and Mind Online International Art Competition.

Brooke Opie, art student, was featured in an exhibition in Dallas titled "On My Own Time." She won Best of Show at an art competition sponsored by Half-Price Books.

Linda Merritt, associate professor of nursing, co-authored an article titled "Osteogenesis Imperfecta in the Neonate" in the February 2008 issue of Advances in Neonatal Care.

Kelli Vance, former art student, was the subject of an exhibition at the Joan Wich and Co. Gallery in Houston titled "Interiors."

Dallie Clark, professor of humanities, published "A Map and a Compass: An Interview with Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins," Sojourn - Journal for the Arts, a The University of Texas at Dallas publication. She also published "The Senior Class," in Plano Profile in the October 2007 edition.

Cathy Cotter-Smith, professor of art, exhibited watercolor paintings at the Hill Country Arts Foundation Visual Arts Center's "People of the Word," in Ingram, Texas in July 2007. She also exhibited at the Park Cities Presbyterian Church Juried Arts Festival at the Gables Villa Rosa in Dallas.

Lupita Tinnen, professor of photography, exhibited photography at the following shows: "Click Chicks+" at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, in May 2008; "Verse and Reverse," at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, in March 2008; "Nosotras: Portraits of Latinas," which will travel through October 2008 through San Antonio, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Abilene and St. Louis; "Noche de Bohemia," at the Ice House Cultural Center in Dallas, in October 2007; "The Evolving Document," at the 14th Street Gallery in Plano, in October; "local/e," at The University of Texas at Dallas Main Gallery in Richardson in October 2007; "TPS 16: The National Competition," which traveled to Austin, Abilene, Houston, New York City and San Francisco; and "Ojo Dos," at the Forum Gallery at Brookhaven College, in August 2007.

Adam Miller, professor of philosophy, published a new book titled "Badiou, Marion and St Paul: Immanent Grace," in June 2008.

Larry Stern, chair of Social and Behavior Sciences, published a review of "Popular Eugenics: National Efficiency and American Mass Culture in the 1930s," in the Journal for the History of Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. John Glass, professor of sociology, published "Behavior analytic grounding of sociological social constructionism," in volume 8, issue 2 of The Behavior Analyst Today.

Kris Berg, professor of music, and his composition Cobblestones was featured in the book Teaching Music Through Performance in Jazz, a teacher resource guide.

Collin College's Cost of Textbooks Task Force was featured in the article "Starting a Textbook Advisory Committee" in the March-April 2008 issue of The COLLEGEStore, the official publication of the National Association of College Stores.

Chris Megert, former music student, released a new album under the stage name Chris August. Mergert has performed concerts in Los Angeles and New York and is working as a producer and songwriter. He has also written songs for several major pop artists and will appear in an upcoming movie with Jessica Simpson and Andy Dick for which he wrote the entire musical score.

Jennifer O'Loughlin-Brooks and Valerie Smith, professors of psychology, co-wrote a chapter in Developing, Promoting, & Sustaining the Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology. The chapter was titled, "Toward a Model for Undergraduate Research in Psychology at the Two-Year College."

Lisa Mellott, professor of photography, was featured in a solo exhibition titled “this war between us” at the University of Arizona at Tucson’s Union Gallery.

Dr. Nelson Rich, professor of biology, published “The Effects of Prey Species on Food Conversion Efficiency and Growth of an Insectivorous Lizard," in Zoo Biology.

Ceilidh Charleson-Jennings, chair of communication studies, will publish "Scent of the Missing: A Handler's Journey Beside a Search-and-Rescue Dog," in 2009.

Kevin Saunders, former Collin College student, appeared on the CBS show, "Friday Night Lights" as the character "Lester Daniels."

Mary McRae, vice president of student development, and Roberta Jackson, assistant director of professional development, co-authored "Building Internal Capacity: The Academy for Collegiate Excellence" for the October 2007 Journal Insight Into Student Services.

Armaiti Fitzgerald, associate professor of applied graphic design and technology, was named one of the top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas by D Magazine.

Istvan Csato’s, professor of geology, paper “The Messinian Problem in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern Hungary – Insights from Stratigraphic Simulations” will be published this fall in the journal Sedimentary Geology.

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