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Points of Cougar Pride - In The Public Eye 09-10
In The Public Eye 09-10

Joan Reese, associate professor of English, published the short story, "Trading Manhattan for Bentonville,” in The Smoking Poet. She published the poem, "Word of the Day," in SilkwormsInk. Her creative nonfiction, "For Captain Paul," and poem, “June, Texas,1993,” was published in Connotation Press. In September, her flash fiction piece, "New Friends," will be published in the print journal Eclectic Flash.

Dr. Mounir Errami, associate professor of biology, published an article in Bioinformatics titled “Identifying duplicate content using Statistically Improbable Phrases,” published by Oxford University Press in May.

Debbie Hurd, professor of nursing, co-authored “HeartCode™ BLS with voice assisted manikin for teaching nursing students: Results of a preliminary study" and “Advantages and Barriers to Use of HeartCode™ BLS with Voice Advisory Manikins for Teaching Nursing Students,” both of which will be published in The International Journal of Nursing EducationScholarship. Professor Hurd co-presented on the same subject at the National League for Nursing Education Summit 2009.

Steve Falldine, a counselor and instructor with our Small Business Development Center, published his book, How to Turn Your BIG IDEA into a New Business.

Ceilidh Charleson-Jennings, professor of speech communication, had her book, Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog, make the IndieBound and New York Times Bestseller Lists in early May and was the Dallas Morning News’ No. 1 nonfiction bestseller a week later. The book is currently also available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. Polish and Chinese translations are set for 2011 release.

Students Hugh Faison and Janna Kwon professor Michael Rose will be published “The Effect of Television and Video Games on Adolescent Aggressive Behavior” in the spring 2011 edition of the Journal of Psychological Inquiry.

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured Collin College fine arts students re-creating paintings. The students posed in several real-life re-creations including Renoir’s “Luncheon of a Boating Party” that was featured in The Chronicle on April 11, 2010. The re-creation was also featured on The Chronicle’s Flickr photo pool.

Michael Phillips, professor of history, recently published the book The House Will Come to Order: How the Texas Speaker Became a Power in State and National Politics.

Rosemary Karr and Marilyn Massey, professors of developmental mathematics, co-authored the sixth edition textbook Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, An Integrated Approach.

Choice magazine features an interior shot of the Central Park Campus Library on the cover of its March 2010 issue. More than 35,000 academic librarians, faculty and key decision makers rely on the reviews in Choice magazine and Choice Reviews Online for collection development and scholarly research. Choice reaches almost every undergraduate college and university library in the United States. The photograph is by Nick Young, college photographer.

Former Collin College student Chris Megert is releasing an album titled What You’re Looking For under the stage name of Chris August. The single “Stranger” is getting radio airplay.

The January 2010 issue of Counsel magazine published by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations has a great article about Collin College’s marketing campaign. The article discusses the college’s face-to-face marketing such as the football games we attended in fall 2009 and the town hall meetings held in several communities last spring.

Jerry Sullivan, professor of anthropology, edited an edition of the journal Pacific Studies.  This special issue was titled “The Gang of Four:  Gregory Bateson, Ruth Benedict, Reo Fortune and Margaret Mead in Multiple Contexts,” June/September 2009.  Dr. Sullivan also contributed an article titled “Of External habits and Maternal Attitudes: Margaret Mead, Gestalt Psychology, and the Reproduction of Character.”

Matthew Ware Coulter, professor of history, and  David Marble, professor of criminal justice, published “Active and Collaborative Learning in the Dallas Community: Connecting History, Criminal Justice, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy” in the April, 2009 Journal of Learning Communities Research.  The article describes best practices for involving learning community classes in the surrounding community.  The professors also presented material from the article at the Learning Communities Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

College President Cary Israel testified before the House Committee on Science and Technology at a regional field hearing in McKinney, Sept. 14. The hearing, titled Strengthening Regional Innovation: A Perspective from Northeast Texas, examined the importance of regional innovation centers to the U.S. economy and global competitiveness and the roles of federal, state and local governments in supporting such centers.

Norma Smith, director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, published Hope, Change and Obama:  A Collection of Essays on an Historic Election. The book project began when Norma sponsored an essay writing contest, asking high school seniors and college students nationwide to describe what the election of Barack Obama meant to them and their families. Essays from two Collin College students are featured in the book.

David Marble, professor of political science and criminal justice, had a chapter published in the text 21st Century Criminology. Marble’s work is titled “Problem Solving Courts.”

Michele Brown, professor of culinary arts, had an articled titled "Flour: Which Kind to Use and for What Purpose" at Chef Talk, a culinary website. The site also published Brown's review of a cook book, A16.

Nelson Rich, professor of biology, has printed the second edition of Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Collin County.

Dr. Nell Ard, director of nursing, published an article in the July/August 2009 issue of Nursing Education Perspectives, the research journal of the National League for Nursing titled “Creating Environments that FOSTER Academic Integrity.”

Professors Brett Adams and Sukanya Subramanian published “Utilize Experts You Work with Every Day To Keep Students Learning After Class” in the May 4 edition of Community College Week. The article discusses the Knowledge is Power lecture series developed to provide a forum where individuals can expand their knowledge of current issues.

Professor Sabine Madriguera was invited by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to perform as a representative of the United States at the annual International Guitar Festival in Lima, Peru. She also presented master classes at the ICPNA in Arequipa, the ICPNA in Cusco and the San Critobal University in Ayacucho while in Peru.

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