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Points of Cougar Pride - Faculty and Staff Presentations 2011-2012
Faculty and Staff Presentations 2011-2012

Matthew Ware Coulter, professor of history, presented  "Experiential Teaching and Learning in History" to The Classroom Discovery Process and Procedure Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, June 3. The conference was held at the Santiratwitthayalai School in Bangkok. Conference participants were mainly secondary school teachers from Thailand. The Thai educational system has been making efforts to stress critical thinking skills and move away from rote memorization. Coulter was invited to address the conference by the English for Integrated Studies Association of Thailand. 

Nasreen Ahmad, research analyst for the Institutional Research Office, presented a paper titled "A Predictive Model of Why Students Leave College" at the 49th annual Forum of Association of Institutional Research in New Orleans in June.

Dr. Kimberly Head, director of Continuing Education's Healthcare Program, presented “352 Contact Hours: Build an Effective Medical Coding Series” at the annual Texas Administrators of Continuing Education conference in Austin in April.

Matthew Ware Coulter, professor of history, presented “Experiencing Life as an Historian” at the annual conference of the National Society for Experiential Education in October in Dallas.  His presentation featured experiential learning activities used in his classes that have students learn by doing what professionals in the field do.

Dr. Joanne Fletcher, professor of dental hygiene presented “The Role of Inflammation in Periodontal Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis" American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) National Convention in Nashville in June. She also presented "Is Supermarket Shopping Dangerous to Your Health? The Role of Sodium and the Dental Hygiene Patient" to the Greater Colin County Dental Hygiene Society in July and at the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas in January.

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