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Points of Cougar Pride - In The Public Eye 2012-2013
In The Public Eye 2012-2013

Professor of Philosophy Carl Hasler published a review of “Donoso Cortes:  Reading in Political Theory” in the July/August 2013 issue of Saint Austin Review.  Professor Hasler points out the contribution of this work to a dialectical discussion of nineteenth century political theory.

Pastry Arts Professor Michelle Brown participated in the IKA Culinary Olympics 2012 with the Epicurean World Master Chef Society. Brown’s team, one of 50 regional teams in the world and one of three for the United States, was awarded a bronze medal. Overall, 87 teams (national and regional) participated. Aside from Brown, there was a deep Collin College connection in this team, including Chef Michael Scott, Collin College’s first chef professor, of Northwood Club and Chef Gene Anthanasion, Collin College’s second culinary graduate, of Medical Cities.

Dr. Peggy Brown held a book signing and reading for her new book, Strangler Figs at A Real Bookstore in Fairview. The book is available at that bookstore and B&N at Collin Creek Mall.

Dr. Levi Bryant, professor of philosophy, recently published: “The Other Face of God:  Lacan, Theological Structure, and the Accursed Remainder” in Speculations III, Brooklyn: Punctum Books and “Alliances and a Throw of the Dice” in Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy, Jon Cogburn, ed., Chicago: Open Court, 2012. Additional presentations by Bryant include “The Gravity of Things: An Introduction to Onto-Cartography,” hosted by University of Dundee Philosophy Department, Royal Burgh, Scotland and “Towards a Machine-Oriented Aesthetics: On the Power of Art,” at The Matter of Contradiction Conference, Limousin, France.

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