Faculty and Staff Presentations 2015-2016

This page is a list of the various presentations made by Collin College faculty and staff at conventions, conferences and other events around the nation.

Faculty and Staff Presentations

Nursing Professor Gary Huey was selected to present his paper “Saving Lives: Forging Pathways for African American and Latino Male Community College Students in Paramedicine” at the Association for the Study of Higher Education national conference.

English professors Stephen Whitley and Christopher Foree will present at the 2016 College Composition and Communication Convention in Houston this April. Whitley will present “Action, Reflection, Conscientization: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in a Hostile Environment.” Foree’s presentations are titled “A Civil Tone and a Critical Eye: Encouraging Dual-Credit Students to Think Like College Students and Act Like Citizens” and “Getting Involved: Civil and Legal Literacy.”