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Welcome to the Collin College the EKG/Phlebotomy course. The purpose of the EKG/Phlebotomy Course is to provide information and skills that will enable students specifically to take blood samples from patients and to perform basic laboratory tasks including setting up samples for analysis and entering lab results in a computer system. Collect blood specimens for laboratory analysis to diagnose and monitor medical conditions.  The EKG sections will aid the student in the proper technique of setting up, reading and performing an EKG on patients in a hospital or clinical setting.



In order to apply for the program please print off the EKG/Phlebotomy Course application and attach ALL required documentation (CPR, immunizations etc...). Incomplete applications without all required documentation will not be considered for admission until complete. Send completed packet via postal mail or bring to the Nursing Department at our McKinney campus.

Admission Requirements:

1.Application for special admission to Collin College
2.Complete admission application to the EKG/Phlebotomy course.
3.High School Diploma or GED
4.17 years of age or older is preferred
5.Have an photo ID and a social security card (meets federal employability status)
6. Provide a copy of CPR from an American Heart Association HealthCare Provider
7.Proof of Health Insurance
8.Drivers Licence
9.Proof of requiredimmunizations stated deadline upon registration (proof must be on  official  medical/vaccination records)
    a. TB tine (within one year) or CXR within last two years
    b. Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis toxoid (TDaP) within last 10 years
    c. Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccinations (MMR)
    d. Varicella vaccination or titer (chicken pox)
    e. Hepatitis B vaccination series (3) or serologic confirmation of immunity*
    f. Hepatitis A vaccination series (2) or serologic confirmation of immunity*
    g. {Note applicants who have not completed all immunizations at the time of application    but who can complete them prior to the beginning of the course will be considered after those applicants with completed series.}

9. Successful completion of drug screen which is paid by the prospective student
           at a designated lab.
10. Complete and submit forms related to a background check which is completed conditional acceptance to the course. Background check must be successfully completed or final admission into the course.
11. Physically able to perform the duties and responsibilities required by the profession
12. Be free of communicable diseases
13. Print and Complete an Eligibility Checklist

NOTE:  The Nurse Aide Registry will be checked upon receipt of application and/or prior to enrolling individuals to ensure that prospective students are not listed on the registry as unemployable.  An individual, who has had a finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of patient's property entered on the registry, will be prohibited from clinical, taking the competency exam and being issued a certificate of nurse aide competency.  (re 42 Code of Federal Regulation, 483©(1)(ii)).

Once Accepted the student must:
    ___Register and pay for course
    ___Purchase textbooks related to the course
    ___Purchase a school designated uniform with patches for the course
    ___Purchase white uniform shoes (closed toed and heeled)
    ___Purchase a watch with second hand
    ___Purchase a Stethoscope
Hepatitis B series this is required for all students so you may want to begin this as soon as possible. 

***NOTE-Incomplete admission packets will not be accepted. All required documentation MUST be attached for consideration and delivered directly to the Nursing Department (Room E302 McKinney Campus). Thank you.