Medic/Paramedic Fast Track


Collin College Associate Degree Nursing

Medic/Paramedic Fast Track Program

Applications are due by January 15th for consideration in the Summer entry class, May 31st for Fall entry, or August 31st for Spring entry. 



Degree Plan

Core Performance Standards

Factors Affecting Eligibility To Take Licensure Examination

The following documents must be submitted to be considered for selection to the program:

ALL applicants must attend a Nursing Information Session.

1.    A completed application to Collin College Medic/Paramedic RN Bridge Program. **Please note all requirements for the traditional nursing student are also in effect for the Bridge applicant**

2.   Official transcripts from all colleges attended, including Collin College, must be sent to the Admissions Office and to the Attention of the Nursing Department.

4.   Minimum prerequisite and cumulative GPA (specific to the courses needed for the nursing degree plan) of at least 2.5 or higher from all completed courses (specific to the courses needed for nursing degree).

5.  Satisfactory completion (grade of "C" or better) of the prerequisite courses required for admission: Biology 2401 (Anatomy and Physiology I), Biology 2402 (Anatomy and Physiology II), Biology 2420 (Microbiology). Please note biology courses are acceptable only if taken within five years of application deadline. Cumulative GPA on the three prerequisite courses must be 2.5 or above. Applicants can apply with two out of the three prerequisite courses completed, the third prerequisite course must be listed on an official transcript as being "in progress" to apply. If the "in progress" course is completed prior to the official application deadline date, an updated transcript must be turned in before the application deadline in order to be considered for admission. All prerequisite lab component(s) cannot be completed online.

6.   Immunizations with required documentation.

7.   Copy of a current Paramedic license or Medic/Corpsman certificate.

8.   Letter of recommendation/employment verification is required at the time of application.  The letter must indicate current employment status.  Applicant must provide proof of consecutive employment for the last six months in direct patient care.  

9. If applicant was classified as a military service member or US military veteran who completed training within the last 10 years as: Army Combat Medic, Navy Corpsman, Hospital Corpsman, or Air Force Aerospace Medical Service, a DD214 (member 4 form) and Joint Service Manuscript along with performance reports must be submitted with nursing application.

10. Must have taken the PSB entrance exam within the last year.

11. HESI Mobility (second entrance exam) will be administered once nursing admission requirements have been met.  Nursing Department will contact applicant regarding scheduling.

12. Must have proof of current CPR certification.