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LVN/Paramedic Bridge Program
LVN/Paramedic Bridge

LVN/Paramedic Bridge Program


The following documents must be submitted to be considered for selection to the program:

  1.  A completed application to Collin College LVN/Paramedic Bridge Program. Please note all requirements for the generic nursing student are also in effect for the Bridge applicant.
  2. High school transcript or record of GED completion.
  3. College and/or transcripts from all courses taken to be sent to the Admissions Office and the Director of the Associate Degree Nursing Program.
  4. GPA (cumulative) of at least 2.5 or higher from all completed courses.
  5. Satisfactory completion (grade of “C” or better) of the course prerequisites required for admission: Biology 2401 (A & P I), Biology 2402 (A & P II), Biology 2420 (Microbiology). Please note biology courses are acceptable only if taken within five years prior to entering the nursing program. Cumulative GPA on the three prerequisite courses should be 2.5 or above.  At least two of the three prerequisite courses must be complete at the time of application.  Only one prerequisite course may be in progress.
  6. Immunizations with required documentation.
  7. Transcript showing successful completion of a Vocational nursing or Paramedic program.
  8. Copy of a current LVN license/ or paramedic certification.
  9. Letter of recommendation from current employer and including length and type of employment (must have been working for at least 1 year as LVN or paramedic).
  10. Must have taken the PSB exam and must take the challenge exams by designated deadlines.
  11. Must have proof of current CPR certification.
  12. Completion of Pharmacological math proficiency test at 90% or better during Bridge semester.
  13. Drug screening test and criminal background check through a Collin College approved company.

LVN/Paramedic Bridge Schematic

  1. Apply to Collin College LVN/Paramedic Bridge Program.
  2. Take PSB exam by designated deadline.
  3. Take NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam I – Foundation of Nursing.  Applicant must score a 70% or higher. Student is allowed only one opportunity to pass this exam. Exam Test Dates.
  4. Successful completion of RNSG 1163, RNSG 1170, RNSG 1172 and RNSG 2371



If applicant is unsuccessful with Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam I – Foundation of Nursing, then student will join applicant pool for the generic ADN nursing program.  Student will achieve points according to the general application and be ranked accordingly.  If accepted, the student will start as a first semester nursing student.