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The state-of-the-art photography facility is one of the best in the state and includes 5 fully-equipped, 15 work station MAC G5 labs, a 15 station PC digital lab, a digital media room with Nikon/Imacon/Epson scanners and 30 Epson printers from 13 to 44 inches, a double studio with 1500, 3000 and 6000 watt second strobe set ups including a continuous artificial lighting set up for digital video, two 20 enlarger archival black and white dark rooms, two film processing rooms and equipment check out with digital, medium and large format film cameras, and portable strobe lighting equipment available.

The faculty is fully credentialed and consists of three full time and 10 associates, including professors from major graduate programs across the country, as well as working professionals from the regional commercial industry. For more information about Collin’s Photography Program, contact Elizabeth Mellott, discipline lead, at Spring Creek Campus-G214, 972.881.5907 or via e-mail at emellott@collin.edu.

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