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Scholarship Information

Collin College Photography Scholarships

About the Scholarships: Collin College Photography Department awards scholarships to enhance and further student's education while enabling them to participate in the art exhibition experience. The scholarships promote continued education in photography, by covering tuition and fees for one additional course and exhibiting experience with the organization of a group exhibition in the ARTS Gallery for the scholarship recipients.

Jurors: Elizabeth Mellott, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, and Byrd Williams

Awards: There are 3 awards given, $450 per winner. $150 is to be used for class fees - distributed at the time of registration. $300 is to be used for exhibition material - distributed at the end of semester.
All recipients will participate in an exhibition at Collin College's The Arts Gallery the following Summer.

Eligibility: The scholarship is open to any student who is currently enrolled in Collin College photography classes and that has created and printed original photographic work. All photographic processes are encouraged including: traditional, digital, non-silver, sculptural and book arts. Recipients are required to sign up for PHTC2343 - Portfolio Development. Winners must participate in a summer group exhibition held in the ARTS gallery.

Entry Requirements:
     1) Six photographic pieces from a cohesive body of work
     2) A written statement
     3) A complete application
     4) Artwork and paperwork must be delivered in a portfolio box and each entry must be labeled with the following information: name, contact #, title, and media.

Additional information, deadlines, application forms and instructions for scholarship entries is posted in the Photographic Arts Lab each semester.

Current Scholarship Recipients

Steven Chaney
Alexandria Hull
Tomaneeca Smith


Past Scholarship Recipients

EDGE, July 8-August 2
Alex Akraish
Bryan Wing
Brittany Wynia

Judgment of Paris, July 9-August 1
Alanne Flowers
Katie Reese
Frida Lindblom
Brandon Snow
Honorable Mentions: Alfred Coy and Alex Khraish

Yellow Wallpaper, June 6-July 3
Iris Brawley
Natalie Grubb
Alyssa Lancaster
Dianne Smith
Katherine Simpson
Brooke Ragusa

Lost & Found, June 7-July 3
Trevor Whitis
Josh Dryk
Paige White
Kendall Marie Rogers
Carissa Battaile
Stephanie Pollack

Femme/Foto, July 13-August 7
Nikki Mann
Jennifer Hayward
Ratchaneekorn Suttikarn
Jenny Snyder
Michelle Persons
Tatyana Bessmertnaya

Public/Private Space, July 7-31
Amanda Davis
Amy Newfeld
Ana Lopez
Emily McCartney
Ruth Prikryl
Aaron Kotara
Trish McFetridge