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Invoicing Questions

Accounts Payable Supervisor Phone 972-758-3834  
Accounts Payable Assistants Phone 972-758-3826 Suppliers A-F
    972-758-3827 Suppliers G-P
    972-758-3835 Suppliers Q-Z
  • Invoice payments
  • Freight charges

Shipping Terms  

F.O.B. (Free on Board) determines the point at which title or ownership transfers and responsibility for the goods while in transit.

  • F.O.B. Destination: Shipper maintains ownership and is responsible for the goods until received by the buyer at the destination indicated on the purchase order.

*Any loss or damages would be handled by the shipper.

  • F.O.B. Origin: Buyer takes ownership and responsibility once the goods leave the shippers location.

*Any loss or damages would be handled by the buyer.


Shipping Costs

Freight Prepaid:  The shipper pays the freight charges.

Freight Prepaid & Added:  The shipper sends the freight and adds the charges to invoice.

  • Vendor should include shipping costs in their price or give a separate price.
  • Ideal shipping term is F.O.B. Destination, freight prepaid.
  • Shipper pays freight, owns goods in transit and files claims.

    See attached spreadsheet of Freight Terms.