Getting Started

Documents to help determine if your business concept will work and make money

  • Feasibility Study - Is it the right idea for you? Does the business idea have a market? How many competitors are in that market? How much money will be needed to finance the start-up?
  • Start-up Expense Calculator - Excel spreadsheet that will help assess how much money will be needed to start the business
  • Resource Page - Information on: County Clerks, Chambers of Commerce, Secretary of State, Texas Workforce Commission, US Dept. of Labor, Business permits/licenses, IRS, State Comptroller's Office, State Board of Insurance, TX Dept. of Economic Development

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Business Plan

Everything you need to write your business plan effectively

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Financial Worksheets

Financial components and worksheets for your business plan

  • Cash Flow Projection Worksheet - An Excel spreadsheet containing explanations to each line item and step by step instructions on how to complete.
  • Profit & Loss Statement - Use this Excel spreadsheet to summarize the revenues, costs and expenses incurred in a business during a specific period of time, usually a fiscal quarter or in a year.
  • Balance Sheet - An Excel spreadsheet that helps you examine the company's assets, liabilities and owner's or shareholders' equity in the business.
  • Sales Forecast Worksheet - This tool calculates pricing from costs of goods sold information
  • Breakeven Analysis - Breakeven tools help compute the point where no profit or losses have been incurred. This is the point when a business owner can determine profit margins.

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Marketing Plan

Worksheets that make creating a marketing plan easier

  • Elements of a Marketing Plan - This document reviews the business concept, target market, marketing goals, strategies, tactics to implement the strategies, budgeting methods and how to measure results with these marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Plan Template - A step-by-step document you can complete to get a marketing plan
  • SWOT Analysis Template- A worksheet to help you determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths of not only your business but of your competitors as well.
  • Target Market Analysis - You will define your target market with this document which will also help you maximize your marketing efforts.

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SBA Loans

Types and methodology to obtaining an SBA guaranteed loan

  • SBA Loan Descriptions - Reviews the procedures, interest rates, guarantee percentages and use of proceeds for different types of SBA guaranteed loans.
  • Loan Package Checklist - List of the typical types of documents a bank will request when considering an SBA guaranteed loan and a conventional loan.
  • Key Points to Borrowing Money - This article discusses the 5 main elements that banks review to see if you are worthy of a business loan.
  • Patriot Express Loan Program - Information about special SBA guarantees for veterans.
  • Preferred Lenders Program - Contact information for the banks in our area that are SBA Preferred Lenders.

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Alternative Financing

Other ways to obtain funds to grow a business

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More valuable documents and resources for your business

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