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The Collin College Polysomnographic Technology Program prepares individuals for an allied health specialty in the clinical care and management of sleep disorders. Sleep medicine is a growing field with more than 80 sleep disorders identified, and an estimated 60 million people in the United States suffering from at least one sleep disorder. As more patients seek diagnosis and treatment of their sleep disorders, the demand for qualified polysomnographic technologists grows. Polysomnographic technologists conduct the sleep studies that allow physicians to diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep disorders. Through this program, Collin College students are prepared to enter the growing and challenging field of sleep medicine by being equipped with the skills and fundamental knowledge to effectively monitor, manage, and treat sleep disorders under medical supervision.

The field of polysomnography is a rapidly expanding area of healthcare. The expected increase throughout the United States by 2018 is 26%. According to salary data from, the median annual salary for a polysomnographic technologist in the Dallas metro area is $52,503 (February 2016).

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The Polysomnographic Technology Program is offered at Collin College's Central Park Campus in McKinney and provides two tracks. The 22-month Associate of Applied Science (AAS) track is for individuals who do not currently have a background in healthcare. Sixty credit hours are required to graduate with an AAS in Polysomnographic Technology. The nine-month Certificate track is for individuals who are board registered in any healthcare  field --AND/OR-- have a minimum of one year of current work experience in a sleep lab/center. 28 credit hours are required to graduate with a Certificate in Polysomnographic Technology.

Currently the Polysomnographic Technology Program accepts up to 18 students every fall semester in each track.

For current admission requirements, contact:

Amber Allen, BA, RPSGT, RST
Program Coordinator

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